Termination (Internal SCSI Devices)

Termination (Internal SCSI Devices)

The devices at both ends of the SCSI bus must be terminated. If you attach SCSI devices (internal or external), you must terminate the last device in the chain. You must remove the termination from the other devices within the chain. If you attach external devices to a non-disk-array model with internal devices attached, you must also change the termination setting of the SCSI-2 adapter from the default in the SCSISelect utility program, as described in 'SCSISelect Utility Program'.

NOTE: Read the README file on the SCSI-2 Fast/Wide PCI-Bus Adapter Configuration Option Diskette for updated information. Select Option Diskette from the first menu.

Termination on disk-array models is automatically set.

The requirements for terminating internal SCSI devices on non-disk-array models are:

NOTE: You can use only one of the two internal SCSI connectors on the SCSI-2 adapter if you connect both internal and external devices.

A CD-ROM drive is installed in bay 4 of non-disk-array models and bay 7 of disk-array models. In non-disk-array models that are supplied with a narrow hard disk drive a narrow (8-bit) cable is provided. In non-disk-array models that are not supplied with a hard disk drive:

Refer to the instructions supplied with the SCSI device for more information about termination.

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