Rapid Resume

Rapid Resume 

With Rapid Resume activated, the computer saves its current state when you power it off with the power switch. Rapid Resume retains all current settings, remembers which programs were active, and saves the position and size of windows and other objects on the screen.

When the computer is restarted (with the power-on switch, the Scheduler, or Wake-Up on Ring), it quickly returns to full-power operation in exactly the same state. The programs that were being used will reappear in the state they were in when you suspended operation of the computer.

To select and activate, deactivate, or change Rapid Resume Manager do the following.

Running Rapid Resume Manager
  1.  From the Windows Program Manager, select IBM Management  Plus .
  2.  Select Rapid Resume Manager .
  3.  View or change settings.
  4.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

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