System Board Type 8639 (FRU 93H1758)

System Board Type 8639 (FRU 93H1758)

1 Power Connector (5Vdc)
2 Password Jumper (CMOS Clear)
3 Configuration Switch Set (SW1)
4 Diskette Connector
5 Battery
6 Power Connector (3.3Vdc)
7 Processor Socket
8 Cache Memory Module Connector
9 Power LED Connector
10 SIMM Connectors (Bank 1/2)
11 DIMM Connector (Bank 0)
12 Riser Connector
13 VESA Passthrough Connectors
14 Video Upgrade Sockets
15 Video Port
16 ECP/EPP Parallel Port
17 USB Ports (1/2)
18 Serial (A) Port
19 Mouse Port
20 Keyboard Port
21 Infrared Port

Processor Speed Switch Settings (SW1 1-4)

Speed SW1-1 SW1-2 SW1-3 SW1-4
75MHz Off Off On On
90MHz Off Off On Off
100MHz Off Off Off On
120MHz On Off On Off
133MHz On Off Off On
150MHz On On On Off
166MHz On On Off On
200MHz Off On Off On

Additional Switch Settings (SW1 5-6)

Description SW1-5 SW1-6
Normal Diskette Operation N/A Off (D)
Read-Only Diskette Operation N/A On

Password Jumper Settings

Jumper Setting Description
J15 1-2 Password Clear
J15 2-3 (D) Password Enabled

Recommended combinations of memory module kits

Each bank must contain a matched pair of SIMMs having the same size and speed. The max. (SIMMs/DIMMs) memory supported is 160MB (192MB).

When installing SIMM memory, a matched-pair is first installed into Bank 1, and then into Bank 2.

  1.  Industry standard 72-pin tin-led SIMMs and 168-pin gold-lead DIMMs are supported.
  2.  Install only parity SIMMs/DIMMs to enable patrity.
  3.  A mix of parity and non-parity SIMMs/DIMMs will configure as non-parity.

Supported SIMMs and DIMMs

Type Speed Access
Parity Sizes
SIMM 60 ns EDO N 4, 8, 16, 32 MB
SIMM 60 ns FP Y 8, 16, 32 MB
SIMM 70 ns FP N 4, 8, 16, 32 MB
SIMM 70 ns FP Y 4, 8 MB
DIMM 60 ns EDO N 8, 16, 32 MB
DIMM 60 ns FP Y 16, 32 MB

NOTE: FP = Fast Page / EDO = Extended Data Out

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