General Checkout (Type 8639, Model OXT)

General Checkout (Type 8639, Model OXT)

This general checkout procedure is for Type 8639 (Model OXT) servers. 

If you are servicing a Type 8639 (Model MXT) server, see 'General Checkout (Type 8639, Model MXT)'

  The drives in the computer you are servicing might have been rearranged or the drive startup sequence changed. Be extremely careful during write operations such as copying, saving, or formatting. Data or programs can be overwritten if you select an incorrect drive.

Diagnostic error messages appear when a test program finds a problem with a hardware option. For the test programs to properly determine if a test Passed  Failed  or Aborted , the test programs check the error-return code at test completion. See 'Return Codes'.

General error messages appear if a problem or conflict is found by an application program, the operating system, or both. For an explanation of these messages, refer to the information supplied with that software package.

  1.  Before replacing any FRUs, ensure the latest level of BIOS is  installed on the system.  A down-level BIOS may cause false errors and unnecessary replacement of the  system board. For more information on how to determine and obtain the  latest level BIOS, see 'BIOS Levels'.
  2.  If multiple error codes are displayed, diagnose the first error code  displayed.
  3.  If the computer hangs with a POST error, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index Supplement (Type 8639)'.
  4.  If the computer hangs and no error is displayed, go to 'Undetermined Problem'.
  5.  If a device is not highlighted on the Module Test menu, that device may  be defective.

 - Power-off the computer and all external devices.
 - Check all cables and power cords.
 - Set all display controls to the middle position.
 - Insert the Diagnostics diskette into drive A.
 - Power-on all external devices.
 - Power-on the computer.
 - Check for the following responses:
   1. One beep.
   2. Readable instructions or the Main Menu.
  Yes    No-+002| If Rapid Resume is displayed, do the following:
   |        +---+ 1. Disable Rapid Resume,
   |                 See 'Running Rapid Resume Manager'
   |              2. Run the Diagnostics tests.
   |              3. Enable Rapid Resume after service is complete.
   |                 - or -
   |     If the computer hangs during Rapid Resume,
   |     do the following:
   |              1. Power-off, then, power-on the computer.
   |              2. When the hard-disk drive activity light comes on,
   |                 press Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit Rapid Resume
   |                 and restart the computer.
   |                 (Rapid Resume is now turned off.)
   |                 - or -
 +-+-+   Go to the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index Supplement (Type 8639)'.
  Yes    No |004| Go to 'Module Test Menu'
 +---+      +---+
 Run the Advanced Diagnostics test.
 If necessary, refer to 'Diagnostics and Test Information'
 If you receive an error, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index Supplement (Type 8639)'.
 If the test stops and you cannot continue, replace the last device
 If the computer has incorrect keyboard responses, go to 'Keyboard'
 If the printer has incorrect responses, go to 'Printer'.
 If the display has problems such as jittering, rolling, shifting,
 or being out of focus, go to 'Display'.

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