Parts Listing N51 (8551)

System Unit

Index    FRU P/N
1 LCD Bezel, N51 SX  
   (Includes contrast and brightness slides)    07G1741
   LCD Bezel, N51 SX (Japan only)    07G1842
   LCD Bezel, N51 SLC    35G3229
   LCD Bezel, N51 SLC (Japan only)    35G3230
2 Bumper, Rubber    07G1742
3 LCD Panel    07G1737
   Cable, LCD    07G1739
4 LCD Rear Cover, N51 SX    07G1740
   LCD Rear Cover, N51 SX (Japan only)    07G1841
   LCD Rear Cover, N51 SLC    35G3231
   LCD Rear Cover, N51 SLC (Japan only)    35G3232
5 Inverter, LCD    07G1738
6 LCD Hinge Cover, Left    07G1745
7 LCD Hinge Cover, Right    07G1744
8 LCD Hinge, Right/Left    07G1210
   LCD Cover Kit  
   Left/right latch cover release, 2 latchsprings    35G3335
9 Lid Switch with Holder    07G1211
10 I/O Panel Assembly    07G1216
11 Terminal Assembly, Battery    07G1223
14 Backup Battery, Lithium    07G1225
   Holder, Backup Battery    07G1736
15 Standby Battery    07G1240
   Standby Battery, Benelux    07G1503
   Standby Battery, Switzerland    07G1241
16 Door, Bus Connector    07G1212
   Door, Bus Connector    07G1954
17 Door, I/O Connector    07G1213
18 Bezel, Diskette Drive    07G1227
19 Battery Pack, Nickel-Cadmium    07G1242
   Sweden    07G1194
   Benelux    07G1497
   Switzerland    07G1243
   Battery Pack, Nickel-Hydride    07G1244
   Sweden    07G1195
   Benelux    07G1500
   Switzerland    07G1245
20 Bottom Cover    07G1209
21 Cover, Memory-Module Kit    07G1222
22 Communication Adapters:  
   Serial Adapter    79F6840
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter  
   U.S., Canada only    53G7772
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter  
   Japan only    94X2506
   High-Speed Data/Fax Modem  
   U.S., Canada only    42G2592
   Telephone Cable    94X1540
23 Door, Option Slot    07G1214
24 Voltage Converter    07G1219
   Holder, Voltage Converter    07G1221
25 2MB Memory Module Kit    07G1879
   4MB Memory Module Kit    07G1880
   8MB Memory Module Kit    07G1881
26 Card, Keyboard Control, N51 SX    07G1218
   Card, Keyboard Control, N51 SLC    35G3239
   Supporter, Keyboard Control Card    07G1220
27 System Board, N51 SX    07G1876
   System Board, N51 SX (Japan only)    07G1877
   System Board, N51 SLC    06G9902
   System Board, N51 SLC (Japan only)    06G9903
29 Speaker    07G1229
   30 Holder, Speaker    07G1734
   Holder, Cable Assembly    07G1761
   Bracket and Guide, Option Slot    07G1215
31 Cover, Keyboard    07G1208
   Miscellaneous Kit    07G1743
   Leg Kit    07G1209
   2 Legs (one left, one right)  
   2 Springs (one left, one right)  
   Screw Kit (230 screws)    07G1835
   10-1.6mm x 4, 10-2mm x 5,  
   10-2.5mm x 3 black, 10-2.5mm x 4 black,  
   10-2.5mm x 8 black, 100-2.5mm x 5,  
   10-2.5mm x 4washer, 10-2.5mm x 6washer,  
   10-2.5mm x 12washer, 10-3mm x 4,  
   10-2mm x 4, 10-4-40 x 5 stud,  
   10-4-40 x 4.8 stud  


Index    FRU P/N
12 40MB Hard Disk Drive    95F4707
   80MB Hard Disk Drive    95F4708
   Cable, Hard Disk Drive    07G1226
13 Diskette Drive Assembly    06G9865
   Cable, Diskette Drive    07G1228

Options and Adapters

   5.25-inch Drive Adapter/A (360KB/1.2MB)    15F7996
   80386 Memory Expansion Adapter    72X6671
   AC Adapter    07G1851
   AC Adapter (U.S., Canada and Latin America)    07G1246
   AC Adapter (Japan, 2-pin)    07G1248
   AC Adapter (Japan, 3-pin)    07G1771
   Car Battery Adapter    07G1190
   Car Battery Adapter for European countries    06G9878
   Cartridge, External Power Pack    07G1541
   Communications Cartridge    07G2581
   Communications Cartridge    07G3999
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter (U.S./Canada only)    53G7772
   Diskette Drive Bus Adapter    72X8524
   External Diskette Drive Adapter    72X6757
   External Power Pack    07G1540
   for Sweden    07G1544
   for Benelux    07G1546
   for Switzerland    07G1542
   External Storage Device Cable    23F3230
   FaxConcentrator Adapter/A    94X2540
   FaxConcentrator Adapter/A Cable    94X2527
   Game Control Adapter    8529151
   Memory Expansion Kit (for 72X6671)    72X6672
   Miniature Mouse    95F5723
   Quick Charger    07G1854
   Quick Charger (U.S., Canada, Latin America)    07G1247
   Quick Charger (Japan, 2-pin)    07G1249
   Quick Charger (Japan, 3-pin)    07G1774
   SCSI Fast Adapter (16 Bit AT)    92F0330
   SCSI External Cable (for 92F0330)    32G4089
   SCSI Internal Cable (for 92F0330)    37G0084
   SCSI Adapter/A (with Cache)    85F0063
   SCSI Adapter/A (without Cache)    85F0002
   SCSI Cable (internal)    64F4127
   Serial Adapter    79F6840
   Strap    07G1449
   Terminator, Inline (space permitting)    92F0142


28 Keyboards    FRU P/N
   Arabic    07G2954
   Belgian    07G1482
   Canadian French    07G1490
   Danish    07G1483
   Dutch    07G1484
   French    07G1167
   German    07G1168
   Greek    07G2957
   Hebrew    07G2956
   Icelandic    07G2955
   Italian    07G1169
   Japan    07G1481
   Norwegian    07G1485
   Portuguese    07G1489
   Spanish    07G1480
   Spanish Speaking    07G1491
   Swedish/Finnish    07G1486
   Swiss/French    07G1487
   Swiss/German    07G1488
   Turkish    07G2953
   U.K. English    07G1166
   U.S. English    07G1735

Numeric Keypad

Country    FRU P/N
   Arabic    95F6877
   Belgian    95F5741
   Canadian French    95F5466
   Danish    95F5467
   Dutch    95F5467
   French    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Greek    95F5467
   Hebrew    95F5741
   Icelandic    95F5467
   Italian    95F6316
   Japan    79F6401
   Norwegian    95F5467
   Portuguese    95F5741
   Spanish    95F6315
   Spanish Speaking    95F6315
   Swedish/Finnish    95F5468
   Swiss/French    95F5711
   Swiss/German    95F5715
   Turkish    95F5467
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741

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