Testing the Voltage Converter (8551)

Testing the Voltage Converter

Use the following procedure to isolate the voltage converter from the problem.
NOTE: If the problem occurs only when using the computer with a good battery pack, replace the voltage converter.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Power-off all attached devices and disconnect them from the computer.
  3.  Unplug the AC adapter from the computer.
  4.  Remove the battery pack and the bottom cover.
  5.  Disconnect the standby-battery connector and the flexible  cable from connector CN6 on the voltage converter.
  6.  Power-off the computer.
  7.  Plug the AC adapter into the computer.

        The computer goes into suspend mode in about 20 seconds after  plugging in the AC adapter. The following procedure must be performed  during this period. If the computer is already in suspend mode, unplug  the AC adapter and plug it in again to reactivate it.

  8.  Check the voltages of the voltage converter  using the following table.


Conn- ector Pin Signal V dc Min. V dc Max.
CN5 1 VCCA +4.9 +5.3
CN5 3 VCCB +4.7 +5.3
CN5 7, 8 GND - -
CN5 9, 10 GND - -
CN5 13 +20 Vdc +19.0 +21.0
CN5 21 POWER_GD +4.0 +5.3
CN5 32 POWER_ON# 0 +0.5
CN7 2 VCCG +4.7 +5.3
CN7 23,24 GND - -

NOTE: Reconnect the standby-battery connector and the flexible cable that were removed in Step 5, before leaving this procedure.

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