Testing the Car Battery Adapter (8551)

Testing the Car Battery Adapter

If an output voltage from a cigarette lighter socket is less than 10.5 V dc, the power-on indicator on the car battery adapter blinks and a noise can be heard continuously. The battery of the car is defective.
  1.  Unplug the car battery adapter from the computer if connected.
  2.  Plug the car battery adapter into the cigarette lighter socket.

    NOTE:   If the adapter is already plugged in, be sure to  unplug the adapter from the cigarette lighter socket,  then plug it into the socket again.

  3.  Measure the output voltage of the car battery adapter.


    Pin Voltage (Vdc)
    1 +.19.0 to +.21.0
    2 Ground


  4.  If the voltage is correct and the power-on indicator on the car  battery adapter is on steady, the car battery adapter is working  correctly.
  5.  If the voltage is out of range, do one of the following.

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