Parts Listing N45SL (2614)

Parts Listing N45SL (2614)
System Unit

Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cabinet Assembly    92F8858
   French    92F8839
   German    92F8837
   Italian    92F8845
   Spanish    92F8838
   U.K. English    92F8836
   U.S. English    92F8835
3 Power Cord, US    6952301
   Power Cord, UK    14F0033
   Power Cord, Switzerland    14F0051
   Power Cord, Europe    13F9979
7 System Board    92F8827
   8 PS/2 Mouse Board    92F8833
   9 Bottom Cover Assembly    92F8819
10 Parts Package, Cover    92F8825
   (Left/right LCD hinge covers, memory  
   expansion cover, memory cover, modem door  
   door, coprocessor door, rear I/O cover,  
   modem cover plug, modem door, coprocessor  
   door, black lid switch knob)  
11 Battery Pack    92F8840
13 Backup Battery    92F8834
   Battery Contact Assembly    92F8841
14 DC to DC PCB Assembly    92F8820
   Speaker    33G9475
   Parts Package, Screws    92F8824
   (3-2.5x4, 3-2.5x12, 2-2.6x6 (tap), 3-2.6x6  
   5-2x6 (tap), 3-2.5x4, 11-2.5x6)  

Index    FRU P/N
5 Diskette Drive    92F8821
   6 80MB Hard Disk Drive    92F8822
   120MB Hard Disk Drive    33G6366
   HDD flex-cable (Austria)    03003AT00556

Options and Adapters
Index    FRU P/N
4 AC Adapter    92F8832
   Modem, 2400 BPS, US    92F8846
12 Modem Housing Assembly    92F8826
   Fax/Modem, US    92F8896
   Fax/Modem, Worldwide    92F6293
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, US    92F8847
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, UK    92F8848
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Danish    92F8849
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, French    92F8850
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, German    92F8851
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Italian    92F8852
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Norwegian    92F8853
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Spanish    92F8854
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Swedish    92F8855
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Swiss    92F8856
16 Expansion Memory Module    92F8823
15 Memory Module Support (part of P/N 92F8823)    xxxxxxx
   2MB Memory Card (Option)    92F8857

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