FRU Removals and Replacements (2614)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See the 'Screw Size Chart' to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Safety 8.
Safety 1.

  1.  Battery Pack
  2.  Three Screws (1-G, 2-J)
      (Two on bottom of cabinet near front, one inside battery compartment)
  3.  Loosen Keyboard
  4.  Two Ribbon Cables and Remove Keyboard
  5.  Hinge Covers
     (Apply pressure to hinge cover sides and pull up.)
  6.  Memory Module Cover
     (Gently pry from rear.)
  7.  Three Screws (1-J, 2-WW)
     (One screw at each hinge and one at back edge under memory  module cover.)
  8.  Three LCD Assembly Cables
     (These cables attach to underside of LCD assembly. Observe cable  routing and place cables in same position when replacing top cover.)
  9.  Three Screws and LCD Assembly
     (Top cover is part of LCD assembly. Only part of LCD is shown.  Long silver screws are located at front edge of LCD assembly.)
  10.  Two Screws (J)
     (At front edge of diskette drive)
  11.  Diskette Drive Ribbon Cable
  12.  Diskette Drive
  13.  Three Screws (J)
     (Move shielding aside. Do not crease shielding.)
  14.  Memory Module Expansion Card
  15.  Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cable
  16.  Hard Disk Drive
     (One screw on cabinet bottom holds hard disk drive in place. Have  customer backup hard disk drive before  removing drive.  Run Prep after installing new hard disk drive.)
  17.  Two Screws (J)
     (At each end of memory module support bracket)
  18.  Memory Module Support Bracket
  19.  Backup Battery, Battery Compartment Cables
     (Look for 18 twice in illustration.)
  20.  Two Screws (J)
     (At each end of DC to DC PCB Assembly)
  21.  DC to DC PCB Assembly
     (Lift front to unplug assembly from system board. Be careful  not to damage or lose shielding.)
  22.  Modem Ribbon Cable
  23.  Three Modem Housing Screws (J)
     (Front right screw holds a black grounding cable down.)
  24.  Modem Housing Assembly
  25.  Mouse Cable
  26.  One System Board Screw (J)
  27.  Three System Board Threaded Hex Spacers
  28.  Cable
  29.  System Board
     (Transfer math coprocessor (if installed) to new system board.)
  30.  Backup Battery

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