Running PREP (2614)

Running PREP

The PREP utility initializes and prepares the hard disk surface for storage of data. It performs a low level format then checks for bad sectors. If any bad sectors are found, they are marked in a way that prevents data from being stored in them.
There are two situations when PREP is used:
  1.  To prepare the hard disk surface for formatting when  installing a new hard disk drive.
  2.  To exclude sectors of the hard disk that have become  unusable, indicated by intermittent or continuous hard  disk drive read failures.

  PREP erases all data on the hard disk.
If possible, back up the data on the hard disk to diskettes before running PREP.

To run PREP:
  1.  Boot the Advanced Diagnostics diskette.
  2.  Press the right arrow key to select the Run Tests  menu.
  3.  Press the down arrow key to select Advanced Utilities  from the menu and press Enter.
  4.  Select 'PREP' and press Enter.

PREP displays its version number, a list of informational messages, and then asks if you want to proceed.

Do you want to proceed with PREP (Y/N)? 

Press N if you want to cancel PREP and return to the DOS command line. Press Y to continue with PREP.

PREP asks for the hard disk drive unit number
(drive C = 0 and D = 1).

Hard disk drive unit number (0 - 7): 

Enter the drive number. You will then be offered one more chance to cancel PREP. PREP will prompt you to press P to continue. Pressing any other key will cancel PREP and return you to the DOS prompt.

PREP first scans the hard disk for bad sectors that have previously been marked. It displays the message:

Scanning for previous bad sectors... 

PREP then performs a low level format of the hard disk surface. It display the message:

Initializing the disk... 

PREP will then write data to each sector of the hard disk and read this data back to verify each sector. This is repeated four times. PREP displays the message:

Verify: pass n, Cylinder xxx 

Where is the number of the current pass (1-4) and xxx  is the current cylinder under test.

If any bad sectors are found, PREP marks them to prevent them from being used when the hard disk is formatted.

After the hard disk is verified, PREP displays the message:

Operation complete, press any key to exit to monitor 

The hard disk is now ready to be formatted and have an operating system loaded onto it.

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