Parts Listing (8543 L40SX)

Parts Listing (8543 L40SX)
Index    FRU P/N
1 Display Assembly (LCD)    95F4878
   2 System-Status Display Assembly    79F0991
3 Top Cover    79F3893
4 2MB Memory Module Kit    79F1002
   4MB Memory Module Kit    79F1003
   8MB Memory Module Kit    79F1004
6 80387SX Math Coprocessor    79F1006
7 Bottom Cover    79F3884
8 System Board    95F4879
   System Board (with attached speaker)    8123176
   Micro Switch    35G4418
9 Speaker    79F0989
   Speaker (for p/n 8123176)    79F0989
10 Bezel, Blank    79F3888
   Bezel, Modem    79F3889
   Bezel, Serial Adapter    79F3868
11 Backup Battery, Lithium    79F0986
13 Shield, Battery    79F3891
14 Standby Battery    79F0992
15 Door, Bus Connector    79F3886
16 Door, Battery    79F3887
17 Door, I/O Connector    79F3885
18 Rechargeable Battery    79F0994
   Rechargeable Battery  
   (Switzerland only)    79F3881
   System Board Fuse Card    95F6731
   Miscellaneous Kit  
   (screws, rubber bumpers,  
   and bottom cover caps)    79F3894


Index    FRU P/N
5 Diskette Drive    79F0983
   Cable, Diskette Drive    79F0987
   Bezel, Diskette Drive    79F3892
12 60MB Hard Disk Drive    79F1009
   80MB Hard Disk Drive    95F4714
   Cable, Hard Disk Drive    79F0988

Options and Adapters

   FRU P/N
   2MB Memory Module (80ns)    79F1002
   4MB Memory Module (80ns)    79F1003
   5.25-inch Drive Adapter/A (360KB/1.2MB)    15F7996
   6154 Real-Time Coprocessor (128KB)    60X8192
   6166 Real-Time Coprocessor (512KB)    76X1013
   8MB Memory Module (80ns)    79F1004
   8MB Memory Module Kit (80ns)    64F3607
   80386 Memory Expansion Adapter    72X6671
   AC Adapter    79F0993
   Car Adapter    06G9206
   ActionMedia II Display Adapter    69F9731
   ActionMedia II Capture Option    69F9735
   ActionMedia II Video Cable    69F9737
   ActionMedia II Audio/Video Capture Cable    69F9736
   ActionMedia II Display CD-ROM Cable    69F9747
   Carrying Case    79F3869
   Communication Cable (for 79F0996)    94X1540
   Data/Fax Modem (U.S., Canada only)    79F0996
   Diskette Drive Bus Adapter    72X8524
   Enhanced 5250 Emulation Adapter    64G3956
   External Diskette Drive Adapter    72X6757
   Game Control Adapter    8529151
   PC Network Adapter    8286171
   PC Network Adapter II    72X8105
   PC Network Baseband Adapter    72X8101
   PhoneCommunicator Adapter    33F4846
   PhoneCommunicator Cable (Black-L)    57F1261
   PhoneCommunicator Cable (Black-S)    57F1262
   PhoneCommunicator Cable (Beige-L)    57F1263
   PhoneCommunicator Cable (Beige-S)    57F1264
   Printer Cable    8529214
   Quick Charger    79F0995
   Realtime Interface Coprocessor 6-Port V.35    72F0164
   Screen Reader Adapter    33F4842
   Screen Reader Keypad    1393515
   Screen Reader Keypad Cable    72X8537
   SCSI Adapter/A (with Cache)    85F0063
   SCSI Adapter/A (without Cache)    85F0002
   SCSI Cable (internal)    64F4127
   SDLC Adapter    8286099
   Serial Adapter    79F0998
   Serial Adapter Cable    8286170
   Serial Adapter Connector    8286194
   Serial/Parallel Adapter    8286147
   SpeechViewer Adapter    15F8511
   Strap    07G1449
   Token-Ring Adapter    16F0463
   Token-Ring Adapter (with RPL Module)    83X7839


Country    FRU P/N
   Arabic    1396825
   Belgian    1396812
   Canadian French    1396810
   Danish    1396813
   Dutch    1396817
   French    1396814
   German    1396815
   Greek    1396826
   Hebrew    1396827
   Icelandic    1396828
   Italian    1396816
   Norwegian    1396818
   Portuguese    1396819
   Spanish    1396820
   Spanish Speaking    1396811
   Swedish/Finish    1396821
   Swiss/French    1396822
   Swiss/German    1396823
   Turkish    1396829
   U.K. English    1396824
   U.S. English    1396181

Numeric Keypad and Mouse

Country    FRU P/N
   NumPad Cable    95F4779
   U.S.    1396182
   Arabic    1396806
   Canadian French    1396800
   French    1396801
   German    1396802
   Greek    1396807
   Italian    1396803
   Spanish    1396804
   Swedish/Finland    1396805
   Swiss/French    1396809
   Swiss/German    1396808
   Trackpoint (Model L40 SX)    1397090

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