FRU Removals and Replacements (8543)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See the 'Screw Size Chart' to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Safety 8
Safety 1

  1.  Battery Pack
  2.  Three Screw Covers and Three Screws (C)
  3.  Loosen Keyboard Assembly
      (Raise front until it clears case.)
  4.  Two Ribbon Cables and Keyboard
      (Slide keyboard forward and flip it over in front of computer.)
  5.  Three Top Cover Screws (C)
      (Inside right and left rear access doors along top edge)
  6.  Two Status Display Ribbon Cables
  7.  Top Cover
      (Use small screwdriver to release latch on left side, if
  8.  Two Status Display Screws (F)
      (One on each end)
  9.  Status Display Assembly
      (contains on/off and power saver switches)
  10.  Four Hinge Screws (C)
      (Two on each end, inside two rear access doors)
  11.  Left Hinge Cables
  12.  Right Hinge Cables
  13.  LCD Assembly
  14.  Memory Modules
      (Do not install two 4MB memory module kits. Install a 2MB
      memory module kit in connector 1 and a 4MB or 8MB memory module kit in
      connector 2.)
  15.  Two Screws (F)
      (At front edge of diskette drive)
  16.  Two Diskette Drive Ribbon Cables
  17.  Diskette Drive and Drive Mounting Bracket
  18.  Standby Battery
  19.  Battery Shield
  20.  Backup Battery
  21.  Adapter Bezel
  22.  One Screw (F)
      (In corner of serial/modem card)
  23.  Serial/Modem Card
  24.  Two Screws (F)
      (At front edge of hard disk drive)
  25.  Two Ribbon Cables and Hard Disk Drive
      (Have customer backup all information on hard disk drive before
  26.  External Adapter and Battery Doors
  27.  Eight System Board Screws (F)
  28.  One Screw (C)
      (Inside right-rear access door)
  29.  Two Threaded Hex Spacers
      (Inside right-rear access door)
      Remaining System Board Cables
  30.  System Board
      (When replacing system board, install old memory module kits and
      math coprocessor on new system board. Run Automatic Configuration using
      customer's backup Reference Diskette.)
  31.  Speaker

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