6015 System Board Locations

6015 System Board

BT1 Battery

J1 Memory Module Connector 1
J2 Memory Module Connector 5
J3 Internal SCSI Connector
J4 Keyboard Connector
J5 Mouse Connector
J6 Memory Module Connector 4
J7 External SCSI Port
J8 Memory Module Connector 3
J9 Memory Module Connector 2
J11 Memory Module Connector 6
J13 Speaker Connector

J14 L2 Cache or 604/L2 Processor
Upgrade Connector

J15 CD-ROM Audio Connector
J17 Reset Connector
J18 Hard Disk Drive LED Connector
J20 PCI Jumper
J21 Processor Cooling Fan Connector
J22 Power On LED Connector
J30 Serial Port (Ser 1)
J31 Serial Port (Ser 2)
J32 Riser Card Connector
J33 Power Supply Connector
J34 Parallel Cable Connector
J35 Diskette Connector
J36 Microphone Jack
J37 Audio Out Jack
J38 Audio In Jack
J39 Headphone Jack

U39 PowerPC 601 Processor Socket

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