SCSI FRU Codes Power PC


When the system detects a SCSI device error, one of the letters in the following list may be displayed to identify which device (supported IBM devices only) is causing the error. The associated error code is in the right hand column.

Letter SCSI Device FRU Error Code
B Rewritable Optical Drive 0217XXXX
C CD-ROM Drive I 0215XXXX
D CD-ROM Drive II 0215XXXX
E Enhanced CD-ROM Drive II 0215XXXX
F Enhanced CD-ROM Drive II 0215XXXX
H Enhanced CD-ROM Drive II 0215XXXX
H 1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
K Quad Speed Tray Loading CD-ROM Drive 0215XXXX
M 2 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
N 540 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
O 1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
P 2 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
Q 540 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
T 360 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
V 270 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
W 540 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
a 364 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
b 728 MB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
d 2 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
t 1 GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive 0210XXXX
U undetermined SCSI Device  

SCSI Error Code Format: Explanation of SCSI Error Codes

SCSI error codes are displayed as eight digit error codes. The first four digits identify which SCSI device is causing the error code.
The last four digits provide more information about the controller for the failing SCSI device, a two digit (EE) error code for the device, and the SCSI ID.



---+ |-++-- SCSI Bus ID

| | +--- 2 Digit Error Code EE (see table below)

| +----- Controller Number 0, 1, 2

| (System Board or Adapter)


+------- SCSI Error Code Prefix

Note: For 6015 the SCSI Bus ID will always be 0.

The 2 Digit Error Codes (EE in the figure above), are defined in the following table.

Error Code Error Description
xxxxx08x Invalid Device Accessed
xxxxx11x No SCSI Controller or Adapter
xxxxx13x Command Failed
xxxxx28x Reservation Conflict
xxxxx29x Device not responding, off line, or powered off?
xxxxx43x insufficient memory to initialize SCSI subsystem
xxxxx51x Reset needed
xxxxx55x Not Ready - No media?
xxxxx56x Invalid (unsupported ?) command
xxxxx57x Write Protected
xxxxx59x Media error
xxxxx60x Device reported hardware error
xxxxx61x Unexpected device status change
xxxxx62x Blank media, try different media or format drive if nonremoveable media
xxxxx63x Command aborted
xxxxx64x Busy condition timeout
xxxxx65x Not Ready - No media
xxxxx66x System board controller interface error
xxxx067x Device reported invalid address
xxxxx68x Media changed ?
xxxxx69x Unexpected device reset detected
xxxxx70x Format in progress
xxxxx71x Format corrupt
xxxxx72x Start required
xxxxx73x Device detected at controller's ID
xxxxx75x Unexpected media eject request
xxxxx76x Unexpected disconnect
xxxxx77x Media eject failed
Note: Some drives may not support
software eject request.
xxxxx78x Write protect failed
xxxxx79x Controller memory test failure (adapter or system board)
xxxxx80x SCSI controller register test failed
xxxxx81x Controller SCSI bus reset test failed
xxxxx82x Unable to access SCSI Bus
xxxxx83x SCSI fuse open
xxxxx84x Device command failed
xxxxx85x Interrupt assign error
xxxxx86x Interrupt release error
xxxxx87x Drive did not return all requested data
xxxxx88x SCSI bus parity error
xxxxx89x Device did not detect reset during reset test
xxxxx90x Time Out error
xxxxx91x Response to question in audio diagnostic test, see
'Audio Symptoms'
xxxxx92x Incompatible media installed
xxxxx93x Requested block length different than actual size on media
xxxxx94x Unexpected filemark
xxxxx95x Data miscompare during test of upper 8 bits of 16 bit SCSI bus
xxxxx96x Wide SCSI bus test error (other than data miscompare)
xxxxx97x Invalid command for device
6015 only
Unrecognizedfunction return code
6050 and
Unrecognized function return code

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