The Computer does NOT Recognize the DVD-ROM drive after the Device Drivers are Loaded

The Computer does NOT Recognize the DVD-ROM drive after the Device Drivers are Loaded.

Check for incompatibilities among the DVD-ROM drive device driver and other device drivers or other hardware in the computer.
Create a system diskette with minimum CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT system files.

  1.  Before creating special CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, make a backup copy of these files in a convenient directory.
     From a DOS prompt:
     Type copy CONFIG.SYS CONFIG.IBM and press Enter.
     Type copy AUTOEXEC.BAT AUTOEXEC.IBM and press Enter.

  2.  Insert a blank, formatted diskette into the diskette drive.
  3.  Copy the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files onto the diskette.
  4.  Turn off the computer and ensure that the system diskette is in the diskette drive.
  5.  Restart the computer (the computer starts up from the system diskette).
  6.  Observe the startup messages and ensure that the device driver IBMIDECD.SYS loads.
     When MSCDEX loads, observe the drive letter that the computer assigns to the DVD-ROM drive.

  7.  Load a data disc into the loading tray; then wait until the Busy indicator is not lit.
  8.  Attempt to read the disc by typing dir x:, where x is the DVD-ROM drive assigned  after the MSCDEX message.

  9.  Turn off the computer, unplug the cables from the power outlets for the  computer and all attached devices, and remove the computer cover.
  10.  Disconnect the IDE and power cable for all IDE devices except the DVD-ROM drive.
  11.  Configure the DVD-ROM drive as a master and connect it to the last IDE  connector on the primary IDE port.
  12.  Reinstall the computer cover. Reconnect the keyboard; plug the power cords  into electrical outlets.
  13.  Place the system diskette in the diskette drive and a data disc in the DVD-ROM drive.
  14.  Restart the computer.
  15.  Attempt to read the disc by typing dir C:.  (The DVD-ROM drive is drive C because it is the only device connected to the IDE port.)

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