The OS/2 device driver and associated files reside in the A:\LANSRVR subdirectory.

The OS/2 device driver can handle up to 4 ethernet controllers. These controllers can be configured as any combination of individual networks or redundant pairs.

A redundant pair of network adapters can be defined such that a loss of good link status on the primary adapter will cause all ethernet traffic on this link to be automatically switched to the standby adapter. If the link for the primary adapter is restored, the sessions on the standby adapter will automatically switch back to the primary adapter.

To enable failover operation, run the MPTS program and edit the AMD device driver parameters. Set the PermaNet Server feature to TRUE. Note that this parameter is case sensitive and must be entered in upper case. Enter the parameters for the Primary and Standby slots. The slot number for the onboard adapter is E. To have a message written into IBMCOM\LANTRAN.LOG whenever a failover occurs, copy the file PCNETOS2.EXE onto the hard disk and edit the CONFIG.SYS file. Add the statement:


to the beginning of the file, where c is the hard disk and path is the directory path that you copied the PCNETOS2.EXE file into.

Once the machine is rebooted with the PCNETOS2.EXE statement active, PCNETOS2.EXE will be active and cannot be overwritten. To update the PCNETOS2.EXE file in the future, the user must first remove the above statement from the CONFIG.SYS file and reboot the machine.

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