FRU 73H2601 SCSI CD-ROM Info

FRU 73H2601 SCSI CD-ROM Info

The FRU kit contains:

NOTE: Parts of the FRU kit will not be used dependent on which type of system is being serviced.

BEZEL Installation


This information sheet supplements the information in the CD-ROM User's Guide.
To install the bezel:
  1.  Choose the color bezel to be used.
  2.  Line up the bezel piece -1- with the volume wheel on the CD-ROM Drive.
  3.  Snap all four tabs of the bezel into place. The tabs fit inside the drive frame.
  4.  Straighten one end of a paper clip to form a tool and insert it into the manual-eject hole  on the front of the drive.
  5.  Push gently to release the drive tray.
  6.  The bezel piece -2- fits into the groove on the front of the drive tray.
     Slide this piece downward from the top of the tray, and snap it into place.
  7.  To close the drive tray, gently push the tray in.

CD-ROM User's Guide Supplemental Information

  1.  Select the appropriate bezel and install according to the above instructions.
  2.  Make sure that the jumpers on the back of the new drive (FRU) are set to the same  positions as the jumpers on the drive you are replacing.
  3.  If the drive being replaced contains a 68 pin to 50 pin adapter plug, then remove it  and install it on the new drive (FRU).
  4.  When using the 68 pin to 50 pin adapter plug, there might be interference with the  4-pin power connector coming from the computer. If you encounter interference, then install  the power extender cable that comes with this FRU as follows:

    1.  Plug one end of the power extender cable into the power cable coming from the computer.
    2.  Plug the other end into the power connector on the back of the drive.
    3.  Because of the design of the connectors, the power extender cable will fit only one way. If it  does not fit, turn it and try again.

NOTE For more information about the cable connections, see the documentation which came with the original CD-ROM Drive.

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