Smart-UPS Models 900, 1250 and 2000

APC Smart UPS Models 900, 1250 and 2000 - AMERICAN POWER CONVERSION

APC Smart UPS 600i/700i, 900i/1000i, 1250i/1400i and 2000i/2200i

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This products are not recommended for use in any life support application, such as blood pumps, defibrillators or any other unit for use in direct patient care.

This products will not be repaired / serviced by IBM
(Distributed by IBM / 3 years warranty from APC)

The customer can reach APC in

 USA or Canada    Phone (800) 800-4272
 Europe           Phone (+33)
 Austria          Phone 0660/6480 (Transport only)
 Germany          Phone 0049-89 958 23 630
 Germany          FAX   0049-89 958 23 660 (for exchange)
 Ireland          Phone 00353-91 702020 (Tech. support line)
 Ireland          FAX   00353-91 755275 (Support line)
                             Internet    APCTSG@IOL.IE
                             CompuServe  GO APC SUPPORT
 World wide       Phone (401) 789-5735
 USA or Canada                   Europe
 American Power Conversion        American Power Conversion
 132 Fairgrounds Road             4, rue Ste Claire Deville
 P.O. Box 278                     Zac du Mandinet-Batiment Espace
 West Kingston, Rhode Island      LOGNES
 02892 USA                        77447 MARNE LA VALLEE Cedex 2

UPS Troubleshooting chart

UPS will not turn on. 1. UPS Enable switch is in
the off position or front
panel switch not pressed.
2. UPS's input circuit
breaker is tripped
(button is extended).
3. Very low utility
voltage or dead outlet.
1. Turn on the rear panel
UPS Enable switch. Press
front panel switch to
power UPS and loads.
2. Reduce the UPS's load
by unplugging equipment
and reset the circuit
breaker (press button on
the rear panel).
3. Check outlet with a
table lamp. If very dim,
have utility voltage
checked by an electrican.
UPS operates on-battery even thought normal line voltage is thought to exist. 1. UPS's input circuit
breaker is tripped
(button is extended).
2. Very high, low or
badly distorted line
1. Reduce the UPS's load
by unplugging equipment
and reset the circuit
breaker (press button on
rear panel).
2. Test the input voltage
with UPS's Line voltage
or bar graph.
Inexpensive fuel powered
generators can cause
distorted line voltages-
set Option switch 1 to
the (I) position.
UPS 'beeps' occasionally. This is normal. The UPS is protecting your
equipment from momentary
sags or swells.
UPS beeps more than once or twice an hour. Chronically high or
distorted line voltage.
Set Option switches 1 and
2 to match input voltage
range. Alternatively, set
Option switch 3 to the on
(I) position.
UPS does not provide expected back up time. 1. UPS's battery is weak
due to recent utility
outage or wear.
2. UPS is overloaded
1. The UPS's battery
require recharging follow.
an extended outage. The
batteries will wear faster
when put into service often
and when operating at
elevated temperatures.
2. Check load using UPS's
Output power bar graph.
Unplug non critical
equipment such as printers.
Indicators on the front panel flash in a 'marquee' fashion. UPS has been shut down by computer software. UPS will restart when AC power returns.
All indicators are illuminated and UPS emits constant tone. Internal UPS fault. Do not attempt to use UPS. Turn off UPS and have it serviced immediately.
Site wiring fault light is illuminated - UPS operates normally. Building wiring error such as missing ground or hot-neutral reversal. A qualified electrican should be summoned to correct the building wiring.
Low battery light is illuminated and on-line light is extinguished. UPS is shut down and battery is discharged due to extended power failure. UPS will return to normal operation when power is restored and battery has charged sufficiently.
Replace battery light is illuminated. Weak battery. Allow the batteries to recharge for at least 8 hours. If the problem persist after
recharging, the batteries should be replaced.

Computer Interface Port

A series of interface kits is available for operating systems that provide UPS monitoring. Each interface kit includes the special interface required to convert status signals from the UPS into signals which individual operating systems recognize.
Systems for which interface kits are offered include Novell, LAN Manager, LAN Server, LANtastic, Banyan VINES and IBM AS/400.
The PowerChute software provides complete data protection. PowerChute is available for many platforms including Novell, OS/2, AppleShare, XENIX, most UNIX-based oper. systems, and DEC VAX/VMS.

                                         Normally Open
          +--------------------o 3   --> Line Fail Signal
          |                              Normally Open
          |   +----------------o 5   --> Low Battery Signal
          |   |                          Normally Closed
          |   |   +------------o 6   --> Line Fail Signal
          |   |   |
          |   |   |            ************ WARNING ***********
          |   |   |
          o   o   o         !!! Do NOT USE 1-1 Cable to RS-232 !!!
           \   \  |
          o   o   o            ************ WARNING ***********
          |   |   |
          +---+---+------+-----o 4   --> Common
   RS-232 Shut Down      |
         Input   --------+-----o 1  <---  HI input >= 4.5sec
   RS-232 Line Fail      |
        Output   --------+-----o 2   -->
   Unregulated +24V dc   |
        Output   --------+-----o 8   -->
                         +-----o 9   --> Chassis
                           DB-9 Female
   DB-9 Female <--- CPU to UPS cable ----> DB-9 Male
     6 7 8 9                               9 8 7 6
     o o-o o              +----------------o o o o
    o o o o o-------------+             5 o o o o o
   -|-|-|-|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|-|- - -  shield
    +-|-|-+                                     | |     Frame - GND
      | +-----------------------------------------+
    1 2 3 4 5                             5 4 3 2 1
   CPU - RS232                               UPS
see >> SERIAL Port (RS-232)

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