5250 Emulation Adapter (ValuePoint)

                                          FRU P/N   MKT P/N
    5250 PC ISA-EISA Adapter              82G7061   30F5384
    5250 MC-Adapter                       64G3506
    5250 PCMCIA Card                      92G5361
         Cable Pod                        04H0098
 Cables                                   FRU P/N   MKT P/N
 DB15 D-shell to IBM Data Connector       60G1043
 UTP Cable DB15 D-shell to RJ-11          60G1042
 Integr. Cable DB15 D-shell to Twinax Y   6403635   6403635

Enhanced ISA-EISA 5250 Display Station Emulation Adapter
(FRU P/N 82G7061 for use on ValuePoint-systems recommended)

It supports connection (installed in an VP system) to

In a TWINAXIAL environment. It can be installed in a half or a full-sized slot of an IBM VP.

The adapter ROM-address is D300h

Switch setting

Access to the Enhanced 5250 Display Station Emulator Adapter is obtained using the I/O port addresses. The I/O port addresses that the adapter responds to are determined by the switch settings on the adapter. The switch settings that are set at the factory use I/O port addresses 2718-271F. These values do not normally need to be changed. If you need to change your switch settings because another adapter is using the same I/O port address, then see below tables. In this tables a 1 indicates that the switch is set ON, a 0 indicates that the switch is set OFF.

NOTE: Some older ISA bus adapters and personal computers decode only the ten low order bit portion of the I/O address. These personal computers and adapters can unexpectedly respond in the I/O address range used for the 5250 adapter, even tought the 5250 adapter appears to use a different I/O space.

For example, if serial port 1 assigned to 3F8-3FF I/O addresses and the 5250 adapter is assigned to 27F8, a write to reset the 5250 adapter at address 27FE would also write to serial port address 3FE causing unpredictable results with the serial port.

The Alternate Response Address shows how the 5250 address range is interpreted when only the ten low order bit portion of the I/O address is decoded by older personal computers or adapters.

A bloc of 8 switches is present on the Adapter Card, the preset switches 1 & 6 must stay in the ON position. (Switch 7 and 8 should be set to OFF)

Address Setup
(5250 Addr. = 2718-271F Alt.-Response Addr. = 318-31F)

Switch # Pos Address setting
1 On 1
2 Off 0
3 Off 0
4 Off 0
5 Off 0
6 On 1
7 Reserved  
8 Reserved  

Table of possible Adapter Addr.

Program uses
I/O addr.
(low 10-Bit)
010000 2408-240F 008-00F
010001 2418-241F 018-01F
010010 2428-242F 028-02F
010011 2438-243F 038-03F
010100 2448-244F 048-04F
010101 2458-245F 058-05F
010110 2468-246F 068-06F
010111 2478-247F 078-07F
011000 2488-248F 088-08F
011001 2498-249F 098-09F
011010 24A8-24AF 0A8-0AF
011011 24B8-24BF 0B8-0BF
011100 24C8-24CF 0C8-0CF
011101 24D8-24DF 0D8-0DF
011110 24E8-24EF 0E8-0EF
011111 24F8-24FF 0F8-0FF
000000 2508-240F 108-10F
000001 2518-241F 118-11F
000010 2528-242F 128-12F
000011 2538-243F 138-13F
000100 2548-244F 148-14F
000101 2558-245F 158-15F
000110 2568-246F 168-16F
000111 2578-247F 178-17F
001000 2588-248F 188-18F
001001 2598-249F 198-19F
001010 25A8-24AF 1A8-1AF
001011 25B8-24BF 1B8-1BF
001100 25C8-24CF 1C8-1CF
001101 25D8-24DF 1D8-1DF
001110 25E8-24EF 1E8-1EF
001111 25F8-24FF 1F8-1FF
110000 2608-260F 208-20F
110001 2618-261F 218-21F
110010 2628-262F 228-22F
110011 2638-263F 238-23F
110100 2648-264F 248-24F
110101 2658-265F 258-25F
110110 2668-266F 268-26F
110111 2678-267F 278-27F
111000 2688-268F 288-28F
111001 2698-269F 298-29F
111010 26A8-26AF 2A8-2AF
111011 26B8-26BF 2B8-2BF
111100 26C8-26CF 2C8-2CF
111101 26D8-26DF 2D8-2DF
111110 26E8-26EF 2E8-2EF
111111 26F8-26FF 2F8-2FF
100000 2708-270F 308-30F
100001 2718-271F 318-31F
100010 2728-272F 328-32F
100011 2738-273F 338-33F
100100 2748-274F 348-34F
100101 2758-275F 358-35F
100110 2768-276F 368-36F
100111 2778-277F 378-37F
101000 2788-278F 388-38F
101001 2798-279F 398-39F
101010 27A8-27AF 3A8-3AF
101011 27B8-27BF 3B8-3BF
101100 27C8-27CF 3C8-3CF
101101 27D8-27DF 3D8-3DF
101110 27E8-27EF 3E8-3EF
101111 27F8-27FF 3F8-3FF

Problem Determination

The OPTION Diskette contains diagnostics. The D5250cc.DGS file and RECFGcc.EXE file ('cc' means the country language) must be copied, onto the diagnostic diskette.

Some problems did occur with the first 5250 Enhanced adapters when the twinaxial environment was a little bit sensible. A new 5250 card is available to correct this, under the FRU P/N 82G7061 , identifiable generally with the P/N 82G7060 writing on the card. (All options shipped after second part of 1993 are normally updated.)

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