IBM 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter

IBM 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter

                                        FRU P/N      OPT P/N
   IBM 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter      63F0417
   STP TR PC-Adapter Cable 9-pol        6339098
   Install and Testing Instructions GC17-0381-00 P/N 63F0418
   Diagnostic Diskette EC C97135B-V1.0   P/N 63F0421

Configuring the Adapter

Run the EISA configuration utility supplied with the EISA machine as directed in the EISA machine instruction manual. You will be required to add the configuration (CFG) file for the adapter. The CFG file for the 16/4 Busmaster EISA adapter is !IBM1000.CFG and is located on the 16/4 EISA diskette.

The following configuration parameters can be chosen:


The IBM 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter (16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter  ) is a communication adapter for an EISA system. The adapter occupies one expansion slot in an EISA bus machine. Along with an adapter support interface and one or more application programs, the adapter allows your EISA bus machine to communicate on an IBM Token-Ring Network.

The 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter can send data over an IBM Token-Ring Network at two rates: 16Mbps and 4Mbps. The rate at which the adapter transmits is determined by the software configuration.

The 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter supports Early Token Release (ETR). ETR increases the utilization and performance of the network by reducing the average time required for another network to gain access to the network. It is automatically enabled when the 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter data rate is set to 16 Mbps.


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