IBM 1.2GB & 1.7 AT Hard Disk Drive (Deskstar)

1.2GB Drive OPT-P/N N.A.
1.7GB Drive OPT-P/N 06H8724

1.2GB FRU-P/N 07H0383 (Factory installed only)
1.7GB FRU-P/N 06H9064

  IDE hard disk drives made by different manufacturers might not work together.
If you get drive failure messages with one drive as primary, and the other as secondary, try reversing the configurations of the two drives. If they still fail, the two drives might not be compatible.

  Be sure to use the 6-32 x 3/16 inch screws provided with this option. The screws must be no more than 6 mm (.25 in.) in length  Using the wrong size screws might damage the drive.

The BIOS of some computers does not support drive capacities greater than 528MB. The Ontrack Disk Manager Hard Disk Installation Utilities  software diskette, included in the Deskstar AT Hard Disk Drive package, contains a program that overcomes this limitation. See Dynamic Drive Configuration  in the Ontrack Disk Manager User's Guide  for additional information.

Pin Assignments (Jumper)

  1.  Enable Primary Drive
  2.  Enable Secondary Drive
  3.  Enable Cable Selection (CSEL)
  4.  Reserved
  5.  Disable Write Cache
  6.  Reserved
  7.  Reserved


 Formatted capacity  1.2GB = 1270MB
                     1.7GB = 1700MB
 Number of Disks     2
 Track density       6684 tracks per inch (TPI)
 Areal density       662MB per square inch maximum
 Recording density   99.1 bits per inch (BPI) maximum
 Disk type           Thin film
 Head type           Magnetoresistive (MR)
 Number of Heads     1.2GB = 3
                     1.7GB = 4
 Number of cylinders 6174
 Number of sectors   102 inner diameter (ID)
 per track           165 outer diameter (OD)
 Number of Heads     16
 Number of cylinders 1.2GB = 2480
                     1.7GB = 3308
 Number of sectors   63
 per track
 Mounting requirements = Thread 6-32 UNC, any orientation
 Length              146.0 mm (5.75 in.)
 Height               25.4 mm (1.0 in.)
 Width               101.6 mm (4.0 in.)
 Weight               0.35 kg (1.2 lb.)
 Data transfer rates
 (per second)
 Sustained                   3.1 - 5.0MB
 Interface (Instantaneous)  16.6MB (PIO Mode 4)
                            16.6MB (DMA Multiword Mode 2)
 Media (Instantaneous)       4.8 - 7.8MB
 Seek times (typical)
   Average read             12 milliseconds
   Average write            13 milliseconds
 Rotational speed           4500 RPM
 Buffer size                96KB
 Power Requirements
 +5 V dc idle               0.17 amps
 +12 V dc idle              0.17 amps
 +12 V dc startup           1.20 amps
 Idle power                 2.9 watts
 Reliability                MTBF 350000 hours

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