IBM TR-3 and IBM 680/1360 MB - Tape Backup Units

(IBM TR-3 Tape Backup User's Manual EN165802 U.S. Feb-96) 

                                | Option P/N | FRU P/N
     IBM Type 3502-800 TR-3     |            |
  TR-3 External Tape Backup Unit| 07H0501    | 75H9739
  Data Cable                    |            | 75H9735
  Power Supply U.S.             |            | 75H9736
  Power Supply EMEA             |            | 75H9737
  TR-3 Internal Tape Backup Unit| 06H9713    |
  Universal Installation Kit    |            |
  Control Card (2MB)            |            | 75H9740
  Tape Drive                    |            | 06H9714
  Ground Cable                  |            |
  Data Y-Cable                  |            |
 IBM 680/1360 MB Tape Backup Option
  External 680/1360 MB Option   | 0T1GBEG    | 10H4271
  Internal 680/1360 MB Option   |            | 10H4272
                                | Option P/N | FRU P/N
    TR-4  IBM Type 3502-900     |            |
            4/8GB SCSI          |            |
  TR-4 Int. SCSI-Tape-drive ASM | 06H9717    |
  TR-4 Ext. SCSI-Tape-drive ASM | 06H9722    |
  TR-4 SCSI-Tape-drive          |            | 76H3227   (06H9721)
  Data Cable                    |            | 75H9588
  Cover                         |            | 75H9589
  Bracket                       |            | 75H9757
  TR-4 IBM Type 3502-4/8 EIDE   |            | 02K3397
  TR-4 Int. EIDE-Tape-drive     | 06H9720    | 76H3229   (07H0504)
  TR4 Tape     Cartridge        | 3M 84-9802-2974-8  (5-pack)
  TR4 Cleaning Cartridge        | 16G8583 -or- GEN001-1 (Geneva Corp.)

See TIP > Tape Drive Cleaning Strategies

  The TR-3 Tape Unit is a Magnetic-Influence sensitive-Device therefore the tape unit should be positioned as far as possible away from CD-ROMs, Hard-Disk Drives and/or Display Units.

Tape Capacity

The formatted capacity of a TR-3 tape will be about 1.6GB. Compressing raw data by a 2:1 ratio (compression ratios depends on data type) allows to store up to 3.2GB of raw data.

Tape Compatibility

 Tape Format     Tape Type       Read    Write/Format
 QIC-3020        Travan TR-3     Yes     Yes
 QIC-3010        Travan TR-2     Yes     Yes
 QIC-80          Travan TR-1     Yes     NO
 QIC-3020 Wide   3020XL (wide)   Yes     YES
 QIC-3020        3020            Yes     YES
 QIC-3010 Wide   3010XL (wide)   Yes     YES
 QIC-3010        3000 or 3000XL  Yes     YES
 QIC-80 Wide     5122            Yes     NO
 QIC-80XL        2120XL          Yes     NO
 QIC-80          2080 or 2120    Yes     NO
 QIC-40          2000 series     Yes     NO

Preformatted Tapes  Some types of cartridges are available as formatted or unformatted. Where possible, IBM recommends pre-formatted tape minicartridges.
Unformatted Tapes  Unformatted TR-3 tape minicartridges must be formatted by the drive. Because the drive is formatting the equivalent of several hundred diskette disks, formatting can take up to six hours.
Flexible Formatting  The backup software supports Flexible Formatting standards and will autom. detect the length of the tape in a minicartridge. The tape is then formatted to its maximum allowable capacity.
Reformatting Tapes  Old tapes and tapes that are generating too many errors should be bulk-erased and then reformatted using the software format options. Erasing tapes with a commercial-grade bulk eraser is the best way to ensure that the tape is ready for reformatting. Commercial-grade bulk erasers are available at computer dealers.

Control Card - Jumper setting
(Factory settings I/O Port Addr. 370H DMA=3 IRQ=6)

    X = Jumper is set
   -+-----------------------------+-   Addr  AD0  AD1
    | ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° |    3E0    X    0
    | ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° |    3F0    0    0
    +-----------------------------+    360    X    X
      |         |  1   2   3  A A      370    0    X
      +-- IRQ --+ --- DMA --- D D
                  | | | | | | 0 1      DMA settings = 2x jumper present
                  +-+ +-+ +-+
          IRQs = 2/9, 5, 4, 7 or 6

Cleaning the Read/Write Head

  QIC-80 cleaning catridges are NOT compatible with QIC-3020 drives and will damage the read/write head.

After every 25 hours of operation (appr. 20 backup and or restore), clean the read/write head of the drive using any Dry-Process Cleaning Cartridge that meets the QIC-147 recognition specifications for QIC-3020 tape drives. Follow the instructions included with the cleaning cartridge.

Operating Temperature and Condensation

Let the drive and any tape minicartridge adjust to operating temperature (from 10° to 45°C or 50° to 113°F) before use. Do not operate the drive when condensation is present on the drive or tapes.

Help and Service Information
More Problem Solving Help  can be found on the Backup Software Diskette (README - file)
Problem    Solution
Backup Software cannot 1. Preformatted TR-3 tapes are formatted using 1Mbps or 2Mbps
   read a TR-3 tape.     controllers to take full advantage of the tape's capacity.
      If the tape is connected to a controller other than a
      1Mbps or 2Mbps controller, TR-3 tapes may not be readable.
  2. Try cleaning the read/write head
Floppy drive lights are on 1. Pin-one data-cable orientation correct ?
   and get an FDC failure  
Erratic, inconsistent performance 1. Data/Power Connection Cable reseat
   or tape drive is not seen 2. Software correct installed
      (Screen Saver installed ?)
  3. Reposition tape drive far away from Hard Drive
      CD-ROM and/or Monitor.
Drive works intermittently, or fails 1. Try using a new tape
   formats and has too many bad 2. Clean the read/write head
   blocks in the certify 3. Conflict with other Adapters
Formatting takes much longer than 1. Tape might be degrading. Use a newer tape.
   estimated by the backup software  

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