IBM 20/40 GB - 8mm - Internal SCSI Tape Drive


20/40 GB - 8mm - Internal SCSI Tape Drive (ZG97-0105 20-May-97)

                           FRU P/N   OPT P/N
 Tape Drive 5.25-Inch      76H0487   76H0485 - Pearl White
                           10L6099   01K1325 - Stealth Black
 SCSI inline term. Plug    92F0322             (16-bit Fast/Wide active)
 Cleaning  Cartridge       59H2898   59H2898   (Exabyte Mammoth 8mm Cleaning Cartridge)
 Tape      Cartridge       -------   59H2679   (5-pack)
 Tape      Cartridge       59H2678   59H2678   (170.0m / 558 ft)  20.0 GB
 Tape      Cartridge       59H2671   59H2671   ( 22.5m /  74 ft)   2.5 GB
 Tape test-cartridge       59H2677   -------   (short length - only for CEs)
 Media = 170m AME 8mm cartridge from Exabyte (EXATAPE AME), IBM or Sony (QGD-170ME), with
 20 GB native capacity, 40 GB through hardware data compression.

See TIP > Clean - after MP Media use
See TIP > Tape Drive Cleaning Strategies


 || The 7208-20GB External 8mm Tape Drive Model 341 (7208-341)
 || is designed for IBM RS/6000. This tape-drive FRU P/N 59H2835 looks like
 || the above described IBM 20/40 GB - 8mm - Internal SCSI Tape Drive, but
 || will have a fast/wide differential SCSI interface !
 || (The 7208-341 drive should not be used with a PC-server).
 ||                            FRU P/N
 || ----------------------------------------------
 || Tape Drive 5.25-Inch       59H2835   (Tape drive for 7208-20GB RS/6000)
 || SCSI ext. F/W term.-plug   61G8324   (ext. differential SCSI-terminator)

IBM 20/40 GB-8mm - Internal-Tape-Drive Supported Software

Supported Hardware

NOTE 1 Internal installation in Server 330 requires the removal of the CD-ROM from the 5.25-Inch bay.
NOTE 2 The 3510-0V0 requires the SCSI-2 Upgrade Kit OPT P/N 32G3920 and the SCSI-2 16-bit Active Terminator OPT P/N 32G3918.

NOTE 3 (Nov-1997) - OS/2 Warp SMP 4.0 running Sytos backup respond with Trap 000D or Trap 000E. Download (Internet) the IBM 20/40 GB 8mm Tape Drive Device Driver for OS/2 version 4 SMP from

(Choose search  then type 20/40GB  at the Keywords, and then click on search  )

The software and hardware compatibility list for tapedrive - server:

Cartridge Format Compatibility

Use tape cartridges from other tape drives with the 20/40 GB, 8 mm Internal Tape Drive if the cartridge format is compatible. The following table lists compatible cartridge formats:

Cartridge Format Compatibility
EXABYTE Mammoth Read and Write
EXABYTE 8505XL Read only
EXABYTE 8505 Read only
IBM 3445001 Read only
EXABYTE 8500 Read only
EXABYTE 8205XL Read only
EXABYTE 8205 Read only
IBM 3532023 Read only
EXABYTE 8200 Read only

The 20/40 GB, 8 mm Internal Tape Drive requires media recognition system (MRS) data cartridges. The tape drive will eject advanced metal evaporated (AME) non-MRS cartridges. Non-MRS metal particle (MP) cartridges can be read, but they might affect the long term reliability of the tape drive.

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