2176 SL-A FRU P/N

See > DASD for Diskette, Hard Disk, CD-ROM and ZIP Drive
See > Adapter for Mwave, Sound, TV and Modem
For Win 95 Keyboard / Mouse See > International Keyboard-Mouse P/N
See > Monitor and Power Cords P/N

IBM 2176 SL-A / Exterior FRU P/N 

Top Cover Assembly with Bezel and Pull-Down Door (Does not include system base)
Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover  
   (includes logo and labels)    42H0343
   Top Cover Mounting Screws    60G1995
2 Pedestal    34G1861

IBM 2176 SL-A / Interior FRU P/N 

NOTE: See the 'Model/Monitor Configuration' for model specifications.

All system board FRUs are shipped without processor, cache memory modules, video DRAM modules, or SIMMs. When replacing a system board, remove all FRUs from the original system board and install them on the new system board.
Index    FRU P/N
1 System Board - Type A-1 (SIS Video)    12H2015
   System Board - Type A-2 (ATI Video)    12H2001
   Voltage Regulator VRM (for type A-2 Only)    07H0973
2 P54C-100 MHz Processor    06H6063
   P54C-120 MHz Processor    75H8963
   P54C-133 MHz Processor    06H8228
   P54C-150 MHz Processor    06H9892
   P54C-166 MHz Processor    07H0971
   P54C-200 MHz Processor    75H9575
   Processor Fan    06H1796
3 Riser Card, ISA/PCI    11H8453
   Riser Card, ISA/PCI (TV models Only)    12H2025
4 Bracket, Riser Card Support    60G2077
5 3.5-in. Bay Blank Panel (Zip Drive)    76H1585
   3.5-in. Bay Blank Panel (Diskette Drive)    42H0344
6 5.25-in. Bay Blank Panel    42H0345
7 Blank Audio Panel    42H0347
8 Pedestal    34G1861
9 CD-ROM/Hard Disk Drive Cable    60G2254
10 Diskette Drive Cable    75H8905
   Hard Disk Drive Ribbon Cable    76H1777
11 Mwave Sound TV Modem Card, see > Adapter Cards  
   Mwave Modem Splitter (Non EMEA)    41H7820
   Wake Up On Ring Cable    41H7819
   CD ROM Audio Cable    10H2924
12 Dual LED Indicator Cable    13H8078
13 Power Supply (3.52 V dc)  
   (145-W LV/HV Switch-selectable)    75H8483
   Power Supply (3.3 V dc) Japan  
   (145-W LV/HV Switch-selectable Japan only)    55H6630
14 Power Switch and Cable    60G2258
15 SIMM EDO, 4 MB, 72-Pin Non Parity  
   (MKT P/N 92G7318 2x4MB Tin Lead)    92G7319
   SIMM EDO, 8 MB, 72-Pin Non Parity  
   (MKT P/N 92G7320 2x8MB Tin Lead)    92G7321
   SIMM EDO, 16 MB, 72-Pin Non Parity  
   (MKT P/N 92G7322 2x16MB Tin Lead)    92G7323
   SIMM EDO, 32 MB, 72-Pin Non Parity  
   (MKT P/N 92G7324 2x32MB Tin Lead)    92G7325
16 L2 Cache 256 KB Memory (1 module)    07H1150
17 Lithium Battery (CR2032)    93F0063
   Lithium Battery (EMEA)    33F8354
   NS Jumper, 2 position (Packet of 4)    93F0067
18 Packet (Mounting Screws)    93F0041

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