2159 SL-A FRU P/N

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IBM 2159 SL-A / Exterior FRU P/N 

Top Cover Assembly with Bezel and Handle (Does not include system base)
Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover    76H3641
2 Front Cover    76H3644
3 Handle    76H3643
4 Bezel Facade    76H3645
5 Bezel Blank    76H3642
6 Bezel Belly    76H3646
7 Pedestal    76H1735
   Feet    34G1861

IBM 2159 SL-A / Interior FRU P/N 

All system board FRUs are shipped w/o processor, cache memory modules, video DRAM modules, or SIMMs.
When replacing a system board, remove all FRUs from the original system board and install them on the new system board.

Index    FRU P/N
1 System Board    12H2001
2 P54C-133 MHz Processor    06H8228
   P54C-150 MHz Processor    06H9892
   P54C-166 MHz Processor    07H0971
   P54C-200 MHz Processor    75H9575
   P55C-166 MHz Processor    42H4865
   P55C-200 MHz Processor    42H4866
   Voltage Regulator VRM - Block    76H3658
   Processor Fan    06H1796
3 L2 Cache 256 KB Memory (1 module)    07H1150
4 Pedestal    76H1735
5 SIMM EDO 8MB 72-pin NP    92G7321
   SIMM EDO 16MB 72-pin NP    92G7323
6 Riser Card (ISA/PCI)    11H8453
7 CD-ROM/Hard Disk Drive Cable    60G2254
8 Diskette Drive Cable (System Unit)    75H8905
9 Access Station Host Card    76H1736
10 Bracket, Riser Card    60G2077
11 Lithium Battery (CR2032)    93F0063
12 Power Supply (3.3Vdc)  
   (145 LV/HV Switch Selectable)    06H2973
13 Mounting Screws Packet    93F0041
   Interface Cable    75H8910
   Audio Cable    76H1496
   Stereo Audio Cable    76H4691
   Ring Detect Cable    04H5934
Keyboard and Mouse  
   Keyboard 104-Key U.S. English    76H0896
   Mouse    07H0889
   Ball and Clip for Mouse    07H0893
   Mouse Selector (RF)    76H0890
   Mouse Receiver (RF)    76H0891
   Ball and Clip for Mouse (RF)    76H0892
   Joystick    76H1572

Access Station


Index    FRU P/N
   Access Station Asm.    76H1729
   Access Station Host Card    76H1736
1 Access Station Base/Top Cover    76H1733
2 CD-ROM Drive    76H0479
6 Left Wing Cover    76H1731
   3 Right Wing Cover 
   4 On/Off Switch Assembly    76H4738
7 3.5-Inch Diskette Drive    75H9550
   CD-ROM/Hardfile Cable    60G2254
   CD-ROM Audio Cable    76H3649

Monitor and Power Cord (Linecord)


Index    FRU P/N
1 Speaker Grill, 15-Inch    60H7538
   Speaker Grill, 17-Inch    60H7555
2 15-Inch Monitor .28    60H7534
   Type 7095 (13.7-Inch diagonal  
   viewing area) 100/240V 50/60Hz  
   17-Inch Monitor .28    60H7551
   Type 7097 (15.7-Inch diagonal  
   viewing area) 100/240V 50/60Hz  
   Swivel 15-Inch    60H7570
   Swivel 17-Inch    60H7571
   Monitor Mounting Screws    76H1583
   Power Cord Monitor/System    93F2364
   U.S. Canada (English)  

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