ValuePoint Options and Features

Adapter Cards Supported on ValuePoint Machines

(U = US / E = EMEA)

Adapter Name FRU P/N P/N US P/N EMEA VP1 VP2 VPSi VP60D
Serial/Parallel   6450215 6450215 E U/E E U/E
Token Ring Network   25F9858         U
Token Ring Network 16/4 25F8884 25F7367 25F9522     U U
Token Ring Network 16/4 ISA-16 73G2048 73G2032 73G2049   U/E U/E U/E
Token Ring Network 16/4 Adapter II 78G9645 03F0215 03F0273   U/E U/E U/E
Ethernet 10Base-T (TP)   32G4134 32G4135   U/E E U/E
Ethernet 10Base2 (CX)   32G4136 32G4137   U/E E U/E
LAN adapter for Ethernet (Multiport) 48G7170 2 48G7169 2 55G2480 2 E   U U
LAN adapter for Ethernet TP 60G0611 2 60G0605 2 60G0610 2 E   U U
LAN adapter for Ethernet CX 60G0621 2 60G0615 2 60G0620 2 E   U U
5250   30F5383 30F5384 E E E E
3278/79 Emulation     39F9228 U/E U/E U/E U/E
PC Network Broadband   1501220       U U
PC Network Baseband   1501221       U U
ISA internal CD-ROM   32G2961 71G2592   U/E U/E U/E
16-Bit AT Fast SCSI 92F0330 1 32G4088 1 32G4088 1   U/E U/E U/E
RIC Multiport (w/512KB)   61G3862   6387      
RIC six Port X.21 IF Board   72F0176         U
FDDI Fiber Base   58G6410         U
FDDI Copper Base   58G6411         U
X.25 Interface Co-Processor   71G6460 71G6460   U/E U/E U/E

Note : (Adapters That May Require the New Riser Card)
(Jumper in UPPER pos. = 20 ns PCAT-Bus / LOWER pos. = 60 ns IEEE-Bus, the default position)

New Riser Card P/Ns for VP-type
6382/S FRU P/N 82G3507
6384/D FRU P/N 82G3509
6387/T FRU P/N 82G3511

Maybe needed if one of the following Adapters is installed

1 Option P/N 32G4088 with EC D30941 on the option package ( FRU P/N 82G4879 ) does not require this riser. This level IBM FAST SCSI-2 ADAPTER can be identified by the presence of DIP switches.

2 The new riser card is required for I/O MODE OPERATION ONLY.
It is not required for shared memory mode operation. Information on these modes is available in the User Guide shipped with the option.

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