Country/Language Model Configuration

Country/Language Model Configuration

Use this table for specific Type and Models that are not listed in the Model PC 300-700 Series Identifiers table (left side).

In most cases, country or language designation will be identified by the last digit of the model number.

EMEA Model
EMEA preload xx0
North America Model
US English xxU
Canadian French xxF
Latin America (LA) Model
Portuguese (Brazil) xxP
LA Spanish xxS
LA English xxL
Asia Pacific (AP) Model
AP English w/Keyboard xxA
AP English w/o Keyboard xxB
Japan (Japanese) xxJ
Hong Kong (AP English) xxH
China (Chinese) xxC
China (AP English) xxD
Thailand (Thai) xxT
Thaiwan (Chinese) xxV
Thaiwan (AP English) xxW
Korea (Korean) xxK
Korea (AP English) xxR


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