PC (100/300/700 Series / Intellistation / Aptiva) POWER Connectors



AUX.-Power / Wake On LAN - Cable
6589, 6588, 6888 ....  

For testing the Power Supply (w/o systemboard), you must jumper the connector (J9 or J12) as shown in the following picture.

NOTE: On some power supplies the internal-fan is thermally controlled, and will run very slow, near w/o any noise indication.


If the power supply protection circuit (current/voltage sensing) shuts down the power supply.

Do the following:
  1.  Check all power supply DC voltages with all external DC cables disconnected.
  2.  Because power-On is normally done via the system board, you must place a jumper  on the appropriate connector to force power on to the power supply. (Necessary because also  this power supply connector is disconnected).
  3.  Now you are ready to perform all the voltage checks according to the connectors shown on  this page. If all voltages are correct, reconnect all connectors one at a time, to find out the root  cause of a shortage or overload.

NOTE: To check for the exact voltages to be within tolerance, measurements must be taken under load, which means that all power DC-connectors are connected.

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