Removing the memory-access panel - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Removing the memory-access panel

Refer to the following illustration while you perform the steps in this procedure.

Before you begin: Read 'Safety information'.


To remove the server memory-access panel:
  1.  If you are installing a DIMM in an empty connector, go to step 2.
     If you are replacing a failed DIMM, verify that you have selected the correct DIMM for replacement.
     To do this, remove the front bezel (see 'Removing the front bezel') and check the LEDs at the front of the processor housing  assembly, above the processor fans, to see which one is lit.
  2.  Run the shutdown procedure for the operating system.
     Turn off the server and peripheral devices, and disconnect all external cables and power cords
     (see 'Preparing to install options'); then, remove the front bezel
     (see 'Removing the front bezel').
  3.  Pull out the two plastic fasteners -1- on the memory-access panel -2-  to the unlocked position and remove the memory-access panel.

    Note: Do not remove the plastic fasteners from the memory-access panel.

  4.  To install or remove DIMMs, see 'DIMM and memory board installation'. Then, return here.

      -Attention- To ensure proper EMC containment and cooling for the server, reinstall the memory-access  panel before turning on the server.

  5.  Reinstall the memory-access panel:

    1.  Ensure that the memory-access panel is fully seated in the appropriate location.
    2.  Press in the two plastic fasteners on the memory-access panel to secure it into place.

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