Installing a not-hot-plug PCI adapter - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Installing a non-hot-plug PCI adapter:

This section gives the procedures for installing a non-hot-plug adapter.
If you want to remove a non-hot-plug adapter, reverse the steps.

Before you begin:

Refer to the illustrations in 'Hot-plug PCI adapter installation' while you perform the steps in this procedure.

To install a non-hot-plug PCI adapter:

  1.  Run the shutdown procedure for the operating system.
     Turn off the server and peripheral devices; and disconnect all external cables and power cords
     (see 'Preparing to install options'); then, remove the top cover
     (see 'Removing the top cover').
  2.  Determine which expansion slot you will use for the adapter.

    Note: Check the instructions that come with the adapter for any requirements or restrictions.

  3.  Perform step 4 through step 11,  and step 13.

Verifying compatibility between network adapters and device drivers

The server supports several types of network adapters.
If you are having trouble with the installation or operation of a network adapter or network operating system, ensure that the network-adapter device driver supports multiple processors.
Refer to the network-adapter documentation for additional information about adapter compatibility requirements.

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