Hot-swap Power supplies - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Hot-swap Power supplies

The server comes with three hot-swap power supplies.
The power supplies can provide up to 550 watts each at 110 V AC input power, and 750 watts each at 220 V AC input power.


Overloading an electrical circuit breaker is potentially a fire hazard and a shock hazard under certain conditions.
To avoid these hazards, adhere to the instructions in the following statements.

  1.  If you are connecting to a 100-127 V AC power source, connect each power cord to a separate branch circuit.
  2.  If you are connecting to a 200-240 V AC power source and the branch circuit breaker rating is:

    1.  13 amps or less, connect each power cord to a separate branch circuit.
    2.  14 amps to 19 amps, do not connect more than two power cords to the same branch circuit.
    3.  20 amps or greater, you may connect up to three power cords to the same branch circuit.

In addition to the power supplies, the server comes with three 220 V AC power cords, and three 110 V AC power cords (U.S. only).
Be sure to select the appropriate power cord voltage for the server environment.
All three power cords must have the same voltage.

If you connect the three:

For servers with redundant power, the loss of a single power supply will not affect the server operation.
Replace a power supply that has failed as soon as convenient to help maintain the redundant power and cooling capability.
When a power supply has failed and the Power Good light is on, the DC power LED on the power supply is off.
See 'Power supply LED errors' for more information on the DC power LEDs.
See 'Hot-swap power supply installation/removal' for complete details on the power supplies.

  -Attention- To ensure proper server operation, be sure to connect all three 220 V AC power cords or all three 110 V AC power cords to the power supplies.


  1.  The server also comes with three 220 V AC power cords for connection to the server rack  power distribution unit (PDU).
     Refer to IBM Netfinity Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Installation Instructions  for additional information  on installing a PDU.
     See 'Installing the server in and removing the server from the rack enclosure' for additional information on installing a server rack.
  2.  Power cords vary by country.
     For complete details about power cords for use in your country or region, refer to 'Power cords' in the  'Legal Information' section of this Server Library or see on the World Wide Web.

The following illustration shows the power supplies in the server.
The server might differ slightly from this illustration.


-1- Power supplies: See 'Hot-swap power supply installation/removal' for information on power supply requirements and for instructions on installing additional power supplies.
-2- AC and DC power lights: These lights provide status information about the power supplies.
These adjacent lights are located on the power supplies; the ac power light is located closest to the power supply connector.
During normal operation, both the AC and DC power lights are on.
For any other combination of lights, see 'Power supply LED errors'.
-3- Power supply connectors: The three system power cords connect here.
For additional details on power cords, refer to the information at the beginning of this section.

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