Controls and indicators - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Controls and indicators

The most commonly used controls and status indicators are on the front of the server.
See 'Using the SCSISelect Utility program' for additional information.


-1- Front panel: The lights and messages on this panel give status information for the server.
See 'Front panel' for more information.

-2- Scroll button: Press this button to select an action to perform on a system-monitoring message; then, press the Enter button to perform the action.
You can select:

-3- Enter button: Press this button to perform an action on system-monitoring messages that appear on the front panel.

-4- CD-ROM drive in-use light: When this light is on, the CD-ROM drive is being accessed.

-5- CD-ROM eject/load button: Press this button to eject or retract the CD-ROM tray so that you can insert or remove a CD.

-6- Hard disk status light: This light only operates in a ServeRAID environment.
Each of the hot-swap drives has a Hard Disk Drive Status light.
When the amber light for a hard disk drive is on continuously, the drive has failed.
When the light flashes slowly (one flash per second), the drive is being rebuilt.
When the light flashes rapidly (three flashes per second), the ServeRAID controller is identifying the drive.

-7- Hard disk in-use light: Each hot-swap hard disk drive has a Hard Disk In-Use light.
When the green light for a hard disk drive is on, the drive is being accessed.

-8- Diskette-eject button: Press this button to eject a diskette from the drive.

-9- Diskette drive in-use light: When this light is lit, the diskette drive is being accessed.

-10- Power control button: Press this button to manually turn the server on or off.

  -Caution- The Power Control button on the front of the
server does not turn off the electrical current supplied to the server.
The server also might have more than one power cord.
To remove all electrical current from the server, ensure that all power cords are disconnected from the power source.


The server can be activated in several ways:

Note: To enable the wakeup features, you must install the appropriate software and hardware in the server.
For complete details, refer to the documentation that comes with the Ethernet adapter.

The server can be deactivated as follows:

-11- Reset button: Press this button to reset the system and run the power-on self-test (POST).

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