Using the System Partition - (NF 8500R - Type 8681)

Using the System Partition

The IBM ServerGuide program creates a 50 MB logical partition on the default hard disk drive.
This partition is known as the System Partition.
On some Netfinity server models, the System Partition provides server-specific utility programs, such as the Service Processor DOS Utility Program.
The System Partition Main Menu displays the programs available for the server model.
The System Partition is a recent enhancement for the Netfinity server products.


  1.  Not all server models support running utility programs from the System Partition.
     For a current list of the supported Netfinity servers, start the Netfinity Setup and Installation CD ,  and click Learn about ServerGuide.
  2.  You can only install the System Partition from the Netfinity Setup and Installation CD.

You may choose to use the System Partition for various utility program functions.

To access the System Partition:
  1.  Ensure that there is no diskette in the diskette drive.
     If the diskette drive contains a diskette, remove it.
  2.  Turn on the server and watch for the IBM logo screen.
     If the server is turned on already, shut down the operating system and restart the server.
  3.  After you start the server, several prompts appear on the IBM logo screen.
     To access the System Partition Main Menu, press Alt+F1 when the prompt Press Alt+F1 for  System Partition Boot appears.
     The System Partition Main Menu appears.

For a complete list and description of the utility programs that the server supports through the System Partition, see the System Partition Main Menu.

To exit from the System Partition Main Menu, follow the instructions on the menu.

For additional information on the ServerGuide program, refer to the 'ServerGuide and Netfinity Manager Information' section of this Server Library .

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