Tower-to-Rack Conversion Kit - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Tower-to-Rack Conversion Kit

Installing the Conversion Kit on the Server
Installing the Server in the Rack Enclosure

With the IBM® Netfinity® 5600 Tower-to-Rack Conversion Kit, you can convert the server from a tower model to a rack model.
This chapter provides instructions for installing a conversion kit on the server and installing the server in a rack enclosure.
For additional information about the Netfinity 5600 server, consult the 'Hardware Information' section of the Netfinity 5600 Server Library.

Note: Installing the server in a rack will require three people.

Inventory list: The conversion kit contains the following items:

What you will need: You will need the following items to install the conversion kit and to install the server in a rack:

This book contains the warranty for the option. Store it in a safe place for future reference.

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