Connecting External Options - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Connecting External Options

Before you begin:

Connecting external SCSI devices.

You can attach a SCSI storage expansion enclosure to the server.

Cabling requirements: The SCSI controller in the server has one channel that can be used to attach external devices.
This channel is connected to the SCSI connector on the back of the server and supports 14 unique SCSI IDs.
To select and order the correct cables for use with external devices, contact the IBM reseller or IBM marketing representative.

For information about the maximum length of SCSI cable between the terminated ends of the cable, see ANSI SCSI Standards:

See > SCSI - basic informations

Adhering to these standards ensures that the server operates properly.

Setting SCSI IDs for external devices: Each SCSI device that is connected to a SCSI controller must have a unique SCSI ID, so that the SCSI controller can identify the devices and ensure that different devices do not attempt to transfer data at the same time.
SCSI devices that are connected to different SCSI controllers can have duplicate SCSI IDs.
The SCSI controller uses one of the SCSI IDs; the default SCSI ID for the SCSI controller is 7.

See 'SCSI IDs' and refer to the instructions that come with the SCSI devices for more information about setting a SCSI ID.

Installation procedure: To attach an external device:

  1.  Turn off the server and all attached devices.
  2.  Follow the instructions that come with the option to prepare it for installation and to connect it to the server.

Input/output ports and connectors: The input/output (I/O) connectors are for attaching external devices, such as printers, keyboards, and displays, to the server.
The I/O connectors on the server include:

See the illustration in 'Input/output connectors and expansion slots' for the locations of the connectors.

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