Completing the Rack Model Installation - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Completing the Rack Model Installation.

To complete the installation for the rack model:

  1.  Install the top cover, if it was removed.
  2.  Install the trim bezel, if it was removed.
  3.  Restart the server.
  4.  Update device records and reconfigure the server  (see 'Updating device records and reconfiguring the server').

    To install the server top cover:

    1 Top cover
    2 Side latches
    3 Flanges

    1.  Align the top cover -1- with the top of the server, about 25mm (1 inch) from the front of the server;  the flanges on the left and right sides of the cover should be on the outside of the server chassis.
    2.  Hold the cover against the server and slide the cover toward the front of the server until the  cover clicks into place.

    To install the trim bezel:

    1 Bezel-release lever
    2 Trim bezel
    3 Slots (hidden by bezel)

    1.  Place the tabs on the left side of the trim bezel in the slots -3- at the left front of the server.
    2.  Press the right end of the bezel toward the server until the bezel clicks into place.

  5.  If you disconnected any cables from the back of the server, reconnect the cables; then, plug the power  cords into properly grounded electrical outlets.

    Note: If necessary, see 'Input/output connectors and expansion slots' for connector locations.

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