Installing a Drive in a Hot-swap Bay - Netfinity 5600 - Type 8664

Installing a Drive in a Hot-swap Bay.

The hot-swap drive bays support hot-swap drives only.

This section gives the procedure for installing a hot-swap hard disk drive.
If you want to remove a drive, reverse the following steps.

Note: To minimize the possibility of damage to the hard disk drives when you are installing a hard disk drive in a rack model, install the rack model in the rack before installing the hard disk drives.

Note: You do not have to turn off the server to install hot-swap drives in these bays.
However, you must turn off the server when performing any steps that involve installing or removing cables.

Before you begin:

Refer to the following illustrations of the tower model while you perform the steps in this procedure.


1 Filler panel for use with half-high drives
2 Filler panel (slim-high)


3 Drive
4 Screws
5 Drive tray
6 Drive tray handle (in open position)

To install a drive in a hot-swap drive bay:

  1.  If the server is a tower model, unlock and open the server door.

      -Attention- To maintain proper system cooling, do not  operate the server for more than two minutes without either a drive or a filler panel installed for each bay.

  2.  Remove the filler panel -2- from one of the empty hot-swap bays by inserting your finger into the  depression at the left side of the filler panel and pulling it away from the server.

    Note: If you are installing a half-high hard disk drive, you will need to remove two adjacent filler panels.
     The two filler panels should be from either the top pair of bays, the middle pair of bays, or the bottom pair of bays.

  3.  If the hard disk drive is not installed on the drive tray -5-, place the drive in the drive tray and, being  careful not to over-tighten the screws, attach the drive to the tray using the four screws provided with the option kit.
  4.  Install the hard disk drive -3- in the hot-swap bay:

    1.  Ensure the tray handle -6- is open (that is, perpendicular to the drive).
    2.  Align the drive/tray assembly so that it engages the guide rails in the bay.
    3.  Gently push the drive/tray assembly into the bay until the drive connects to the backplane.
    4.  Push the tray handle to the right until it locks.

  5.  If you installed a half-high hard disk drive, install a filler panel -1- in the gap above the drive:

    1.  Locate the smaller filler panel -1- that is designed for use with half-high drives.
       It is stored on the slim-high filler panel -2- that you removed earlier in this procedure.
    2.  Pull the smaller filler panel off the filler panel.
    3.  Gently push the filler panel -1- into place in the gap above the drive.

  6.  Check the hard disk drive status indicators to verify that the hard disk drives are operating properly.
     See 'Status LEDs' for details.
  7.  If the server is a tower model, close and lock the server door.

    Note: If the server has a RAID controller, you must reconfigure the disk arrays after installing hard disk drives.

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