You can add adapters to extend the capabilities and power of the server. Many adapters provide bus-master capabilities, which enable the adapters to perform operations without interrupting the server's microprocessor.

You can install up to six adapters in the expansion connectors, called slots, on the system board of the server. Five of the slots are peripheral component interconnect (PCI) expansion slots and one is an industry standard architecture (ISA) expansion slot.

In four of the PCI slots, you can install a new PCI adapter or replace an existing PCI adapter with the same type of adapter without turning off the server power and restarting the system, if these features are supported by the operating system. These slots are called hot-pluggable PCI slots. They are also referred to as hot-plug PCI slots.

The remaining, non-hot-plug PCI slot supports only a short adapter.

The expansion slots have Plug and Play capabilities. See Plug and Play Technology for additional information.

The server comes with a video controller. This video controller is an integrated component on the system board. It is not in an expansion slot. The integrated video controller has super video graphics array (SVGA) technology.

The integrated video controller is not removable. If you want to disable this controller and use a video adapter instead, you can install a video adapter in an expansion slot. When you install a PCI video adapter, the server BIOS automatically disables the integrated video controller. When you install an ISA video adapter, you must move a jumper to disable the integrated video controller. See System board locations for more information.

Note: Video adapters are not supported in PCI slots on PCI primary bus 1 (PCI slots 1-4).

The following illustration shows the location of the PCI and ISA expansion slots on the system board.


1 Not available for use
2 Non-hot-plug 32-bit PCI slot 5 (on PCI primary bus 0, half card only)
3 Hot-plug 32-bit PCI slots 1-4 (on PCI primary bus 1)
4 Attention LEDs for hot-swap slots
5 Power LEDs for hot-swap slots
6 16-bit ISA slot

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