System board removal

System board removal


To remove the system board, do the following:
  1.  Turn off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords (see  'Preparing to install options'); then remove the top cover (see Top Cover Removal).
  2.  Disconnect all adapter cables and remove the  adapters (see 'Hot-plug PCI adapter installation').
  3.  Remove the adapter dividers.

    1.  Press on the adapter divider release tab 1 and  lift the divider out of the system.
    2.  Repeat the procedure for each adapter divider.
  4.  Remove the processor board support tray (see  'Processor support tray removal').
  5.  Disconnect all system board cables.
  6.  Remove the system board dust cover 1.

  7.  Remove the system board.

    1.  Remove the system board mounting screws; then, remove the system board.

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