Memory board removal

Memory board removal

Note: Read Safety Information.

Refer to the following illustrations when performing the following procedure. To re-install the memory board after it has been removed, reverse the following procedure.

Note: When inserting the memory board into its slot on the processor board, be sure to push down on the edges of the board itself and not on its handle.

Note: The illustrations show only the processor support tray, processor board, and memory board for simplicity; you do not need to remove the processor support tray from the server to remove the memory board.


1 Processor support tray cover
2 Quarter-turn fasteners


3 Thumbscrew
4 Memory board
5 Memory board handle

To remove the memory board, do the following:

  1.  Turn off the server and peripheral devices and  disconnect all external cables and power cords (see  'Preparing to install options'); then  remove the top cover (see Top Cover Removal).
  2.  Turn the quarter-turn fasteners 2 on the processor  support tray cover 1 one quarter turn and remove  the cover from the processor support tray.
  3.  Remove the thumbscrew 3 from the side of the  processor support tray.
  4.  Lift up on the memory board handle 5 and remove  the memory board 4 from the server.
  5.  Place the memory board 4 on a static-protective  surface, such as the static-protective package in which an option came.

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