Bar Code Label Quality

Bar Code Label Quality

Spots and Voids

A spot (-1- in Figure 29) is an area within the white background in which reflectivity is less than 55%.

A void (-5- in Figure 29) is an area within the black element in which reflectivity is more than 20%.

Spots and voids are allowed, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1.  The spot or void can be contained within a circle having a diameter 0.4 times the nominal width of the narrow element.
  2.  The spot or void occupies no more than 25% of the area of a circle having a diameter 0.8 times the nominal width of the narrow element.
  3.  There are no more than five spots or voids per label.
  4.  No two spots or voids are within 0.02 in. of each other.
  5.  No spot or void is coincident with the edge of any narrow or wide elements

Reflectance and Contrast

The reflectance and contrast should be determined using a light source of nominal 670 nm wavelength with a bandwidth of no more than 50 nm for a 50% power level.
Incident irradiation should be normal to the surface and reflected flux collected within a 15 angle centered on the normal.
The minimum allowable reflectance of spaces is 50%.
The minimum allowable reflectance ratio of spaces to bars is 5:1.

Label Degradation after Exposure to Light

The ratio of space reflectance to bar reflectance should not fall below 4:1 after 30 days exposure to a fluorescent source of 100 foot-candles.

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