Installation Procedure for a 3447 Tape Library Model 106

Installation Procedure for a 3447 Tape Library Model 106

Use the following procedure to install a 3447 Tape Library Model 106 in an PCCO instrument rack.
Before starting the installation, review the information in Figure 54, which shows an exploded view of the slide assembly and front mounting bracket relative to the PCCO instrument rack.


Figure 54. Exploded View of PCCO Rack-Mounting Components. 
The front and rear brackets must be mounted to the outside of the perforated strip on the rack enclosure. 


The weight of this part or unit is between 32 and 55 kilograms (70.5 and 121.2 pounds). It takes three persons to safely lift this part or unit. (RFSTC2O5) 

Attaching the Right Slide Assembly

  1.  On the PCCO rack, the rear rack flange is adjustable.
     Move the rack flange to the front of the rack to within 1 in. (2.54 cm) of the end of the available  adjustment of the slot.
  2.  Snap in the caged nuts in the positions shown in (above) Figure 54.
     This positions the 3447 Tape Library Model 106 in the desired location in the rack.
  3.  Place a slide assembly inside the instrument rack on the right side (when viewed from the front).
     Adjust the rear (long) bracket so the flanges on the front and rear brackets press against the outside of the instrument rack.

     It might be necessary to adjust the rear bracket longer by repositioning the screws and nuts into different holes in the slides.
     This allows the length of the slide and bracket to be longer and fit on the outside of the rack mounting flanges.
     After the slides have been adjusted to the proper length, tighten the screws.

  4.  Attach the front bracket to the instrument rack by inserting two M6 screws  through the front of the instrument rack, through the front bracket, and into the  caged nuts (see above Figure 54).
     Insert screws into only the top and bottom holes of the bracket and tighten them only finger tight (to allow for adjustment).
  5.  Attach the rear bracket to the instrument rack by inserting two M6 screws  through the rear of the instrument rack, through the rear bracket, and into the caged nuts.
     (The assembly is similar to that shown in above Figure 54.)

     Tighten the screws only finger tight to allow for adjustment.

  6.  Adjust the front and rear mounting brackets so the maximum width will be between the right and left hand rail assemblies.  Tighten screws firmly
  7.  Tighten the screws that attach the slide assembly to the rear mounting bracket.

    Attaching the Left Slide Assembly

  8.  Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 to initially position and attach the left slide assembly to the instrument rack.
  9.  Measure the distance between the slide assemblies at both the front and rear brackets.
     The distance must be 17-1/2 in. (44.45 cm) (see Figure 50). Adjust as necessary.

     Do not completely tighten the screws at this time.

    Mounting the Tape Library

  10.  Pull the left and right slide assembly rails out until the rails lock in the fully extended position.
     Ensure that the inner ball bearing slide is at the front of each slide (see Figure 53).

      -Attention- To prevent the rack from rolling, make sure that its castors are  blocked or locked before inserting the tape library.

  11.  Lift the tape library and insert the rails mounted on the tape library chassis into the extended slide assembly rails.
     Make sure that the tape library is straight relative to the slide assembly and that the tape library rails are in the guides at  the front of the slide assembly rails (see Figure 53).
  12.  It might be necessary to first dip the front of the tape library then lift it up to  properly join the rails on the tape library with the slide assembly rails.
  13.  Slide the tape library into the instrument rack.
     Push the spring latch on the side of each rail to slide the tape library completely into the instrument rack  (see Figure 53).
  14.  Move the tape library in and out a few times to ensure that the slide rails are  properly aligned and the tape library rolls smoothly on the slide rails.
  15.  Tighten the M6 screws that secure the left slide assembly to the instrument rack.
  16.  Open the tape library front door and install one M6 screw into each retainer tab  next to the left and right front door hinge brackets.
  17.  Close and lock the tape library front door.

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