Removing and Replacing the Door and Upper Bezel

Removing and Replacing the Door Bezel and Upper Bezel

This procedure describes how to remove and replace the plastic bezels mounted to the front door and to the chassis above the front door.
Below figure 42 shows an exploded view of the components for removing and replacing the front door and fixed bezels.


Figure 42. Removing and Replacing the Door Bezel and Upper Bezel 
  1.  Turn off the power to the tape library by setting the power switch to off.
  2.  Remove the six Torx TiS screws that secure the top cover to the tape library chassis and remove the top cover.
  3.  Turn the door key to the 9 o'clock position and open the front door.
     Make sure that nothing is below the door that would keep the door bezel from being removed.

     Eight flat-head screws hold the front door bezel to the door sheet metal panel.
     The screws are inserted through the sheet metal panel and thread into inserts that are molded into the door bezel.

  4.  Remove the eight flat-head screws that secure the door bezel to the sheet metal panel.
     Hold the bezel to keep it from falling away from the sheet metal panel.
  5.  Remove the four Torx T20 screws that secure the upper bezel to the tape library chassis (see Figure 43).

     Two screws are inserted through mounting ears at the left and right sides of the library chassis.
     The remaining screws are inserted through the front-center of the library chassis; these screws are  partially concealed by a ribbon cable that runs along the front of the library chassis.
     Carefully move the ribbon cable down to gain access to the screws.

  6.  Replace the front door and upper bezel by performing the steps in this procedure in reverse order.

      -Attention- When replacing the upper bezel, make sure that the bezel does not bind  the control keys and keep them from making contact or holding them closed.


Figure 43. Location of Fixed Bezel Mounting Screws 

Above figure 43 shows the inside of the chassis and the rear of the upper bezel, as seen when standing at the rear ot tape library.

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