Updating the Tape Library Firmware Using a DLT Tape Cartridge

Updating the Tape Library Firmware Using a DLT Tape Cartridge

If you have Release 1.50 or later of the tape library firmware, your tape library can load firmware updates by reading a DLT firmware tape cartridge.
This feature enables you to update your firmware without a host computer.


  1.  The firmware tape that you use for an update must match the IBM family of 3447 or 7337 products
     (the label on the firmware identifies the family of IBM products for which it is compatible).

  2.   -Attention- The main controller contains two flash memories for its firmware.  The controller executes code from one flash memory (which contains the original version of the firmware) while it updates the firmware in the other.
     Should the update process be aborted, the flash memory that contains the update firmware will probably be corrupted.
     The system will not execute code from this flash memory on subsequent re-boots.
     Execution of the upgraded firmware will only take place if the upgrade was performed successfully and you  did not abort the automatic reboot at the end of the update.

  3.  Because two flash memory banks are used on the main controller, the original firmware still exists on the library, even after the update completes successfully  and the system executes the new firmware.  Restoring the original code can be done via the Remote Diagnostics menu (for the appropriate command, see Figure 25).

To update the library firmware using a DLT tape cartridge:

  1.  Place the system in the Diagnostic Oft-line mode (see 'Using the Operator Panel to Change Modes').
  2.  Load the DLT firmware tape cartridge into drive A.
     It may be loaded manually or from a storage cell using the Move Cartridge menu).
     Before continuing, ensure that the code tape is at load point (that is, that the Tape in Use light is on steady).
  3.  Select MAINTNANCE MENU from the main diagnostic menu (see 'Maintenance Menu').

      -Attention- The procedure for updating software uses the internal controller as a SCSI host.  Before performing the next step, make sure that no external SCSI hosts are connected to the system.

  4.  Select the LD CODE TAPE? option. The following message displays on the operator panel.

           OK TO PROCEED?
           ABORT or RUN?

  5.  Press the SELECT key.  When the first block of data is successfully read from the tape, the following message displays on the operator panel
     (Q2_150.bin is an example of a firmware file name).

           Tape Format OK!
           File:  Q2_15O.bin
           Press > to load?

  6.  Press the SELECT key. The following message displays on the operator panel.

           Loading Firmware
           File:  Q2_150.bin
     (Above sample) line 4 indicates the progress of the update process.
     The update is complete when each of the eight cells displays a white box and the following message displays  on the operator panel.

          Load Completed!
          Press > within
          30 seconds to
          ABORT AutoReboot

  7.  To activate the new firmware, reboot the system by pressing the MENU or CYCLE key or by letting 30 seconds elapse
     (an automatic re-boot occurs).

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