Terminal Emulation Programs

Rerminal Emulation Programs

Two common communication programs that can be used for the terminal emulation are:

Other terminal emulation or communications programs can be used; however, it is necessary to set them up using parameters similar to those described for HyPerACCESS Lite or PROCOMM.

The following are procedures for setting up HyperACCESS Lite and PROCOMM.

HyperACCESS Lite

  1.  Type the executable (normally HALITE) at the prompt in an OS/2 window (or click on the HyperACCESS Lite icon).
  2.  Click on the PROPERTIES selection on the Action Bar.
  3.  Click on the Communications selection:

  4.  Click on ASCII Setting tab and ensure that all selections are blank (off).
  5.  Click on Terminal Setting tab:


This procedure describes menus and key strokes for any DOS version of PROCOMM.

  1.  Type the executable tile name (normally PROCOMM) at the prompt in a DOS full-screen session.
  2.  Press Help (ALT-Fl 0) to display the PROCOMM main menu.
  3.  Select menu item Line Settings (ALT-P) and choose the following:

  4.  Select menu item Setup Screen (ALT-S):

    1.  Choose Terminal Setup and select the following values:

              Terminal Emulation:
              Flow control:
              CR translation (in/out):
              BS translation:
              BS key definition:
              Line wrap/scroll:
              Break length (ms):
              Inquiry (CTRL-E):

    2.  Choose ASCII Transfer Setup and select the following values:

              ASCII UPLOAD
              Echo locally:           NO
              Expand blank lines:     NO
              Page character:         0
              Character pacing:       0
              Line pacing:            0
              CR translation:         NONE
              LF translation:         NONE
              ASCII DOWNLOAD
              CR translation:         NONE
              LF translation:         NONE

    3.  Choose SAVE SETUP TO DISK to save the settings for the next time.

  5.  When you are ready to upload new firmware to the library controller card, after  selecting the proper symbol from the Diagnostic Selection Menu  (see 'Remote Diagnostic Menu'), answer Y to ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CHANGE FIRMWARE?' Then wait for the message READY TO LOAD FIRMWARE.
     Press ALT-FlO to bring up the main PROCOMM menu.

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