Initial Inspection Checklist

Initial Inspection Checklist

Note: If the top cover of the tape library is accessible, remove the top cover to aid in the inspection procedure.
Leave the tape library front door open, however, as this action disables the robotic shuttle.
The 24 V light on the library controller card at the rear of the tape library will be off if the front door of the tape library is open.
Also, if the tape library experiences motion light will be off, even with the door closed.
For a view of the tape library with the top cover removed, see (below) Figure 11.

  -Attention- By removing the top cover and locking the front door you can observe robotic operations.
Some of the procedures in the MAPs suggest that you do this.
You must be extremely careful not to put your fingers into the moving robotic shuttle or to let loose clothing fall into the interior of the tape library so that it interferes with movement of the robotic shuttle.
Never place your fingers or tools into the tape library while a diagnostic test is running or the robotic shuttle is moving.


Figure 11. Tape Library with the Top Cover Removed. 
The view is from the top. The robotic shuttle belt is visible. 
  1.  Note the location of the shuttle, as it may indicate where the problem is.
  2.  Inspect for loose or broken parts:

  3.  Gently move the robotic shuttle from side to side, with your fingers pressing on the shuttle chassis:

  4.  Move the shuttle to the extreme left (in front of the bar code reader).
     Observe and note the condition of the tape drives:

  5.  Check for proper connection of the SCSI cables and terminator at the rear of the library.
  6.  Note if the library controller fault light (red) is on. The light is located at the rear  of the tape library, on the controller card (see Figure 3).

When the inspection is complete, return to the procedure that sent you here.

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