Initialization/Setup Mode

Initialization/Setup Mode

The tape library enters the initialization/setup mode when you:

In the initialization mode, the robotics calibrate the system and, unless an interrupt occurs, the tape library then goes into the on-line mode.
Press any control key during the initialization mode to enter the setup mode.

In the setup mode the installer can change the tape library setup parameters.
For information about changing the setup parameters, refer to 'Setup Procedure'.
  -Attention- If you inadvertently enter the setup mode by pressing any one of the control keys during library initialization, do not press the SELECT control key (right key) at any time, as this action will alter the setup parameter currently shown on the operator panel.
To exit the setup mode without affecting any of the setup parameters, recycle the power (press the power switch off and then on) or repeatedly press the MENU control key (left key) until you exit the setup mode.

SCSI communication with the host is not enabled during the initialization/setup mode.

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