About this Guide

About This Guide

This guide describes how to service the 3447 and 7337 Digital Linear Tape Library.

It contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1, 'Reference Information', lists the specifications for the tape library and tape drives, identifies the major components, and provides an overview of the tape library.

Chapter 2, 'Maintenance Analysis Procedures', provides procedures for determining the cause of problems that might occur.
The emphasis is on determining power-on failures.

Chapter 3, 'Service Operations', explains how to perform the procedures for correcting problems.
It also includes routine maintenance that service representatives can perform, provides procedures for cleaning the tape drive heads and the tape library cabinet, and gives instructions for running confidence tests and remote diagnostics.

Chapter 4, 'Removal and Replacement Procedures', explains how to remove and replace the tape drives, the controller, the power supply and fuse, the tape library cover, the door bezel and upper bezel, the liquid crystal display (LCD) assembly, the bar code reader, and the base tape library.

Chapter 5, 'Installing the Rack-Mounted Tape Library', provides procedures for installing the tape library in an instrument rack.

Chapter 6, 'Parts Diagram and Parts List', provides illustrations showing the location of field-replaceable parts, and lists the part numbers for ordering the replacement parts.

Appendix A, 'Power Cables', provides power cable information for different countries.

Appendix B, 'Updating the Tape Library Firmware on the RS/6000', presents the steps required to update the tape library firmware by using the Atape tapeutil tool  available on RS/6000 computers.

Appendix C, 'Accessing the System Error Log (for the RS/6000 Only)', explains how to access the system error log for RS/6000 systems by using the smit  and errpt  commands.

Appendix D, 'Performing the System Verification (for the RS/6000 Only)', explains how to use the tapeutil  and tctl  commands to verify that the RS/6000, SCSI cable connectors, and tape subsystem operate as a complete system.

Appendix E, 'Converting Hex Characters to ASCII', gives a table that converts hexadecimal characters (Hex) to ASCII characters.
This conversion may be useful during a service call.

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