General Options

General Options

When you select General Options from the Options pull-down menu, a screen similar to the following appears.


You can use this screen to:

Enabling or Disabling the Alarm: The alarm alerts you to a failure in the system.
It sounds if any of the following conditions occur:

To enable or disable the alarm, click on the box for Disable Alarm on the General Options screen.
Placing a check in the check box disables the alarm; removing the check enables the alarm.

Resetting the Alarm:

Resetting the alarm turns off the alarm for the current failure without disabling the feature.

To reset the alarm, you can either click on the   icon or click on
Reset Alarm on the General Options screen.

Polling Options: The ServeRAID adapter or controller will poll , or check, your server at a specified time interval for any changes that may have occurred in the server.

You can choose how often the adapter or controller polls the server by specifying a time interval on the options menu, from five to 60 seconds.
The default time interval setting is five seconds.

The program will poll for the following events:

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