Installing the Files after Installing OS/2

Installing the Files after Installing OS/2

You can use the following instructions to install the ServeRAID device driver and Administration and Monitoring Program files after installing OS/2 Warp Server.

To install the ServeRAID files after installing OS/2:

  1.  After you complete the OS/2 installation, insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette .
  2.  From an OS/2 window, type:



    1.  The represents the drive assignment for the diskette drive that contains the ServeRAID diskette.
    2.  If you install these files on a logical drive that has its write policy set to the write-back mode,  wait at least 10 seconds after being prompted to press Ctrl+Alt+Del before you actually press  the keys.
       Waiting 10 seconds or longer gives the ServeRAID adapter or controller the time needed to flush all dirty-cache pages out to the hard disk.

  3.  Press Enter. Then, type:


  4.  Press Enter.

     The OS/2 Device Driver Installation window will appear and prompt you for the source and destination drives.
     The source directory shows where to insert the IBM ServeRAID Device Driver Diskette.
     The destination directory shows where the program will copy the device driver files.

  5.  Click on Install.

  6.  Edit the CONFIG.SYS file and verify that there is only one copy of the line BASEDEV=IPSRAID.ADD.


    1.  If you have more than one ServeRAID or SCSI adapter in the system, make sure that the BASEDEV statement for the  adapter controlling the startup (boot) device appears before the BASEDEV statements for other ServeRAID or SCSI  adapters in the CONFIG.SYS file.
    2.  After you install any service packs, check the path for the IPSRAID.ADD device driver and verify that the correct device  driver is installed.

  7.  Restart the server.

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